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The monster within chapter 26 "how can you love me? after

The monster within            

chapter 26

  "how can you love me? after ive done this to myself?!"
i say as i look down at myself. dang . i was way to skinny .
my mom was crying so i could barley understand her
"we ..... you ... us .... should ... please "
is all i could make out
"kristen , i know im not your dad . " bert started . "but if anything would have happend to you i would have been crushed . your mom and i love you so much and i wish you would except me as your dad . but its not like you have to . because i love you and ill always be here for you . no. matter. what."
i started crying and said "thank you bert" and i gave him a hug
i hear a sniffle and look over to see conor crying . i forgot he was here.
"connor , come here " i said sitting up and patting the side of the bed. he walked over and sat down next to me. "i love you connor . i PROMISE i will stop now." i kissed him lightly on the lips and looked up at bert & mom "i will stop . i love you guys so much "
we had a huge group hug and just sat there. i was starting to feel like i belong .


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