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The monster within chapter 28 NIGHT OF THE BIRTH Connor and i

The monster within

            chapter 28

Connor and i decided to wait till we had him to name him. Connor and my mom were in the room when i had him . Bert was in the waiting room with the kids. I was only in labor for about a half hour till i had him . When i saw him i couldnt believe he was mine. Connor and i just looked at him,
"connor" i said looking up crying
"yea?" he said with tears in his eyes.
"he looks like a cameron" i said
"he does. Hi cameron collins" said Connor
Just then bert and the kids came through the door.
"say hello to cameron!" i say. All of them had tears in their eyes.
We took a family photo. Then i let everyone hold him .
As i watched him being passed around the room i felt happy
i looked down at the matching rings on connors and my fingers

i realized im happy i survived. Im happy i stopped cutting and starving , cause i would never be here if i hadnt. Im happy i overcame The Monster Within

the end! i hoped all my readers loved my story!! thank you for all that read!♥


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