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Please, Please Read. He Hurt Me It started with the winks. My

Please, Please Read. He Hurt Me

It started with the winks. My best friend was posting winks
on his wall and commenting winks on all his posts on facebook.
At first I didn't thin anything of it. She was my bestfriend afterall.
I asked them both if something was going on. They both said no.
The winks and the hearts continued. Me and my boyfriend had a date
that saturday. I found out he invited her. Was I suddenly not good enough?
I freaked out. I knew something was going on. I texted him. He yelled at me
for accusing him and said she didn't like him because he asked. All I could think
of was that I only ask questions when I care about the answer. So why would he ask
that if he didn't care? He flipped on me and said he wasn't going bowling with me that night. After about 30 mins, I apologized. Maybe I was overreacting. Maybe it
was nothing. He agreed to come bowling. So we went. It was going well until she showed up. Yes. She showed up. And she went to a different lane far from ours.
She finally came over to talk to me. My boyfriend was standing behind me.
She said, "I'm sorry for talking to him." I said, "Sam, I don't care that you
talk to him. You're my best friend. I'm just mad that you think he like you.
When he doesn't." And she said, "Yeah.." I ran to the bathroom, I felt like
I was going to be sick. She followed me in and said, "Look, he likes me.
I like him. Get it?" I screamed. I wanted to hit her so bad. But I didn't.
I ran into a stall crying. She followed me in. She said, "I'm sorry. I'll
stop talking to him. I'll stop everything.Your friendship means more
to me than a guy." And we hugged. And then she left.
I went and sat back at my lane. My boyfriend's cousins
were there at another lane and he was with them.
I sat there crying for 30 mins before he grew
the balls to come over to me.
He sat infront of me.
He said, "I'm sorry."
I looked at him. I wanted to
throw a chair at him. I was so hurt.
I wanted to say so many things, but all I could choke out was,
"it's okay." But it wasn't. It still isn't. He sat there. I still had his Christmas
present in my bag. I gave it to him and said, "Before you choose her over me, you should at least know how much I care about you." Slowly, he opened his gift. First,he pulled out a hershey bar, his favorite candy. Next, he pulled out axe, his favorite body spray. Then he pulled out the best present I have ever gotten someone. He pulled
out an autographed rookie card of his favorite baeball player. It cost me a month's allowance, but I wanted to do it. He stood up and said thank you. And hugged me.
I was still so hurt. He was probably thinking like, "LOL why am I wasting my time with this troll." I wanted to cry again. I felt like he hated me. I said, "Do you hate
me now?" He said, "No." I said,"Are you sure?"And he said "Yes." "Positive?"
"Yes." And I said, "And Sam..?"He said, "Forget about her."
Forget about her. He said forget about her.
I trusted him to follow up on that. I though it was okay.
Everyone makes mistakes. I went home, and her facebook her status was
"i like yOu.;*<333" So I messaged her. I asked her who her status was about. She said she's not telling me. What kind of best friend would say that? I knew it was him. It was my boyfriend. She liked him. The friendship was over. She kind of stopped
with the winks and hearts. I was still so hurt. I felt like something was going on,
but whenever I mentioned it to my boyfriend, he would get mad, saying how
I didn't trust him. I thought I could. Everytime I would bring something
mean up about her, he would stop talking to me, or tell me not to
be mean. I knew. I didn't want to, but I knew. We were at a
cheerleading party, the night before competion. Sam
walks up to me. She says, "I'm going out with
your boyfriend." I cried. I ran to the
bathroom and i cried.
I called him.
I said, "ARE YOU
He said, "What are you talking
about? Only you!" My friend, who
is also good friends with Sam took her phone.
He yelled at her saying to stop telling me that. I felt
like things were okay. Until I got the phone. I saw the
messages. I wanted to hurt her. And him. Then had heart wars.
Sent winks. She said she would give him head, which is a lie because
being I was her best friend, I happen to know that she is insanely prude. She
has a serious fear of doing anything with a guy. Including holding hands. It's bad.
I flipped on him. for a whole month, everything he was saying to me, he said to her.
I felt like my heart was being ripped out and then cut up by my best friend. I was seriously depressed for about 2 weeks. I didn't break up with him. I know I may seem stupid, but I can't let go. We've had too many good times. I ended the friendship with her though. I know it's friends before boys, but the difference is, he apologized.
He unfriended her on facebook and deleted her number. He apologized. 
He tried to make it better. She didn't. She spread rumors about me.
She tried to get him back. It's not the same between
my boyfriend and I. In the back of my
mind I always have this thought
that if I didn't catch them,
it would still be

And That Kills Me.
just a vent*




twoisbetterthanonex3 1 decade ago
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he * woman = bxtch
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twoisbetterthanonex3 1 decade ago
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so to anyone who's reading this, my EXboyfriend and Sam were still talking. She posted the messages on FACEBOOK. Yes. I was publicly cheated on, if that makes sense. He denied saying e wouldn't talk to her, and in an argument on facebook, he took her side. Calling me ugly and a and stuff. I couldn't do it anymore. I broke up with him. Now Sam hates him to and he likes her best friend. HAHA. thanks for everyone who helped me through this though<3333
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Amenah 1 decade ago
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I am so f^cking sorry. Honestly, I want to hurt her right now.. Yeah, I don't really know what to say.. ♥
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hazzahamster 1 decade ago
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keep your head up he is not worth your tears beautiful xxx =)
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StayWonderful 1 decade ago
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Oh my God I'm so sorry, I'm here to help!!
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EveryonesBeautiful45678 1 decade ago
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I am so sorry ): keep your head up bbg
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ForeverBFF 1 decade ago
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I'm so, so, so, SO, SOOO, sorry! :'(
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gempearl 1 decade ago
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I know i cant actually help but i want you to know that theyre not worth it. She isnt your friend and hes an idiot. And im always here for you beautiful.
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Imjustme32 1 decade ago
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It's ok. I know it hurts now, but it will get better, I promise. I think that you should just dump them both. There will be better friends who will always love you, and never hurt you....same with guys. *cyberhuggg* <3
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ShneebliixD 1 decade ago
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Just some advice. She's a b*tch. But so is he. I know you probably don't want to hear this, but they were BOTH in the wrong. They were BOTH hurting you. How do you know he didn't save her number under a different name? Or maybe he has it memorized? Seriously hun. I've been cheated on. I was with him for a year, & he cheated on me 8 times. I took him back every time. I was blinded by what I thought was "love". But it wasn't. & neither is this. Once a cheater, always a cheater. I know I sound like a b*tch, but I'm trying to help you. If you stay with him, & devote your whole life to being with him, & you found out he has been cheating, what are you gonna do? you obviously wouldn't dump him. This is not a healthy position for you to be in. He has your mind twisted & you're wrapped around his finger. You can't let a guy do this to you. What happened to your girl power? It may feel like he's changed, but they never change. You deserve BETTER. Nobody deserves to be chated on. Nobody. & if you let them do it once, they will do it again. I'm telling you the truth. If you don't want to listen, then don't. But I've experienced this... It doesn't get better.
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rachelleex30 1 decade ago
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that is just terrible! something similar happened to me too and trust me it gets better :)
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warrior 1 decade ago
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im so sorry that happened to you, but what goes around comes around<3 xxx
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lovelifelikethis123 1 decade ago
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awww, i know it hurts, but its not the end. they are both just one part of your life. there are better times ahead. but keep your head up. its always okay in the end, and if its not okay, its not the end. good luck! :)
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kitten7121 1 decade ago
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Aw poor you! Just remember, if she was ever really your friend she wouldn't have done that in the first place!
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baatmangirl05 1 decade ago
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hey hun first I'm so sorry and I actually wanna talk about stuff and you can to vent to eachother.?
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kendiee2 1 decade ago
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:'c awwwe my dear im so terribly sorry! I cant even imagine the pain...
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twiterpatedgrl 1 decade ago
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Aw... :" That is so sad.. similar kind of thing happened to me, and it hurts. It really does. And if you need someone to talk to, I'm here.
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Breannnnnanichole 1 decade ago
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Something sort of similar happened like this, to me. All I can really say is, it sucked, REALLY bad. To catch someone in the act, who's like a sister to you.. I learned to let her go, and move on. It wasn't the same for me and my boyfriend for.. a very very long time. Actually, it's only still getting better. But I try not to think about it. I don't understand why people want to mess it up, for someone else's happiness. If you need to talk, I have Facebook.
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emmakatherineXO 1 decade ago
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i'm sorry you had to go through that, it must have been horrible, no one should have to go through that!
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*Hooligan* 1 decade ago
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I know the feeling :/ I was in the same type of situation... I'm here to talk
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