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SOME ONE OUT THERE♥ was meant to be the love of your life

       was meant to be the                love of your life the
    one you can tell your dre         ams to and he'll smile at
   you when you tell him, but h   e'll never laugh he'll brush
   the hair out of your face,  and  he'll stare at you during a
   movie even though he paid $11 to see it.  he'll call you to
      tell you how he couldn't stop thinking about you. and
          most importantly, he'll look right in your eyes and
               tell you that you are the most beautiful girl
                     he's ever seen and for the first time
                           in your life.. you'll believe it
                                 and that  is what they
                                        mean by true


LittleOne1138 9 years ago
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i was singing this (it's not a song i was singing every quote i saw) this would make a FANTASTIC song :)
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warrior 9 years ago
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like this format!
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