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People think I'm this happy girl who is always smiling &

People think
I'm this happy girl
who is always smiling
& laughing & dancing.
Who doesn't have
a care in the world.
Well, those people
are wrong.
I do all of those things,
but its all fake.
I cut myslef.
I cry myself to
sleep everynight.
Just because,
of my bully.
She is beuatiful.
Every guy wants her.
Every girl wants to be her.
& she just doesn't understand
how much her words hurt.
Because every single
bad name counts.
Every single bad
name hurts.
She is not hurting my physically,
but hurting me mentally.
The physical pain,
is caused by me.
I can't stop though.
It's like a rush 
through my head
to the tips of my toes.
& starting from my wrist.
As the words will stay,
so will the scars.

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Cassidyt2000 7 years ago
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I love you Kiera<3
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