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Cuttying My Way Through Chapter 4 I looked at my mom, hoping


Cuttying My Way Through

Chapter 4

I looked at my mom, hoping for some sympathy. She stared at me blankly. "Ok, he seems to be fine, you may take your son home now." The doctor told my mother. My mom grabbed her purse, and scurried out the door. I quickly hopped off the bed and followed her because I knew that if she waited in the car too long for me, she would leave me. I broke out into almost a spring when I saw my mom get into her car, slam the car door and start the car. She pulled out of the parking space she was in. And pulled up to where I was. Oh, thank you, God, i told myself.
I quickly hopped in the car and slammed the door shut.
"What the hell were you thinking!"
"What!?" I said confused.
"What the hell did you think you were doing, cutting yourself?"
"I, I.." I stammered.
"I was angry you were being mean to me, so I cut myself" I lied.
The ride was silent for the rest of the ride home.
My mom hopped out of the car, and opened the front door, taking time to hold the door for me. I was surprised, what had gotten into my mother? Why was she being so nice, I wondered.
I didn't question it any further, I just enjoyed it because I knew it wouldn't last long.
"Would you like anything to eat?"
"I'll make a sandwitch" I said. I got out the bread and ham and cheese from the fridge. I put everything I wanted on, and got out a knife to cut the sandwitch in half.
"Here, I'll cut it for you." My mom said, taking the blade from my hand.




xXNicoleyyXx 9 years ago
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Please write another chapter :) I love this story!
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JessDance94 9 years ago
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Yess Please Right Moree! This Is A Very Interesting story :)
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meg1398 9 years ago
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please post another chapter this is really good.
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emilyandthatsall 9 years ago
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amazing :D
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Amrie45 9 years ago
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this is really good
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