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Witty, I need Your Help! so there’s this boy i like. i

Witty, I need Your Help!

so there’s this boy i like. i like him a lot. and recently, everyone has been saying he likes me back.

-he’s always staring at me

-when i stare at him back, he looks away

-in theatre arts, when we do skits, he’s always asking me to be his “sidekick” or “partner” for his skit.

-he always cracks corny jokes around me.

everyone thinks he likes me, but the problem is, he won’t admit it.

please help me, witty. please! give me advice!!!


you_want_this_gurl 1 decade ago
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Well I have the same problem and idk either soooo yeah... but he probably likes you just keep hoping
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Dumblovexoxo 1 decade ago
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He's probably just shy, or maybe he wants to admit he likes you but hes afraid you dont like him back and he doesnt wanna be rejected?
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Elena1999 1 decade ago
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well, you can wait a little bit and if you see he continues, try to talk to him you know try to get him know a little bit better. I think that if he really likes you, he'll try to say it to you :)
P.S I hope I helped! no my best advise! X)
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posted March 21, 2012 at 4:21pm UTC tagged with funny

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