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RIP Trayvon Martin People of Witty, PLEASE go to to

RIP Trayvon Martin
People of Witty,  PLEASE go to to sign the petition to bring his murderer to justice.
Google it if you don't know what this is all about.
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grownsimba 9 years ago
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I was wondering if anyone on Witty was going to say anything about this travesty.
Trayvon Martin's death needs to be justified.!
If not, what stops Person A from killing Person B for any reason (race, gender, sexuality, weight, eye color).?
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Directioner1D 9 years ago
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We talked about this in my social studies class. we talked for 45 minutes through tears about the ahole who killed him. Yes the toughest boy (my bf) in the room cried. He isnt as tough as everyone makes him out to be. Hes the biggest softie ever. He cried when his mom ran over a squirrel. and we sat in class, holding each other crying. just imagining if that was one of our friends. we sat in the movie theater holding each other, crying, imagining if Rue was our little sister. We cry together for everything. But this got us the most. RIP Trayvon
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livenmylife 9 years ago
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thanks everyone for faving, can you try to spread the link to make sure more people see this?
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