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to my 109 followers, wow, how am I going to say this? I only

to my 109 followers,

wow, how am I going to say this?
I only just realised how many followers I have, I honestly have the biggest smile on my face.
i freaking love you guys so much, it means the world to me how kind you guys are.
you guys are always here for me, and you are all so amazingly supportive of everything.
you favourite my quotes, and really care about me, and i want you all to know i think you are amazing.
some of you really stand out to me and are always making me smile;
namemypass, ImDancingRightNow, Godismysavior just to name the first few commenting on my page.
namemypass; you're the main reason we're back together, you made sure she saw it, then she instantly asked to be back together again, we spent all yesterday together and it was amazing, you really helped us through that so i thought i'd thank you and let you know that seems how you have helped us so much that if you ever need anything, advice, or even just someone to talk to Claire and I are always here.
many of you are so kind and you really make my day, i wish i could go through a follow every single one of you back, but it would be a little tiring going through 109 followers, but if you'd really like me to follow you, please just let me know and i will as soon as i can, i promise, i swear on my life.
thank you all so much, you have no idea how much this means to me, i love you guys!

-Oliver / Ollie


ImDancingRightNow 1 decade ago
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thnxx.. i love this u and claire r amazing and ur in 1 of my quotes
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siciliangirl0402 1 decade ago
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you should follow me:)
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mynamemypass 1 decade ago
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wow thank you so much it just makes me so happy to see you back together

i dont know why but im so happyyy ;D
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posted March 26, 2012 at 8:53am UTC tagged with friendship

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