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Please, Please Read. I was at a party on Saturday. It was for

Please, Please Read.

I was at a party on Saturday. It was for my good friend Kyle.
Half of the grade was there, and most of them hate me. Why?
Because this girl Sam tried to take my boyfriend IN JANUARY and I ended the friendship with her and he chose me over her so now she makes my life miserable. I went to the party an hour late because I had a soccer game, and when I got there, I was all alone. No one would talk to me except for like two people. So I was sitting alone when Sam, (who had nothing but a half shirt on) walks up behind me. I move away. She was following me. Her and all her friends were following me and laughing and pointing. I kept walking away. Then, these two girls, one of which was my best friend until about a month ago come up to me, after just being with Sam, and tap my shoulder and say, "Oh sorry, thought you were Sam." Mind you, I HATE this girl. So much. I think she's disgusting looking and everyone knows how much we hate eachother, so being compared to her, especially from someone who used to be my best friend, I started crying. And only three people were there for me. THREE.
So, then the cake comes out. Everyone was throwing cake around at eachother, all fun and games. Until, I find out from my friend that Sam and her group are planning on
throwing cake at me. I got nervous. So I grabbed cake for defense. Then Sam's best friend Alysa walks up to me and says, "Are you ging to throw that at Sam?" And I told her "Only if she throws one at me first." Alysa said, "Don't worry. I won't let her. I promise." I was shocked. Did she mean it? I kept the cake just in case. Then, Alysa went off with some other friends. And then the throwing started. They were pelting cupcakes and munchkins at me. I was running but they had me cornered and they were throwing cake at me and dumping soda on me. I ran inside crying until everyone was done laughing and then my friends Kevin and Katrina came and made me go back outside and stay with them. It was okay after that.
Until today at school. I found out from Alysa,
Sam was going to punch me if she didn't step in. So, Sam's been spreading rumors about me and talking bad about me. She spread a rumor that this kid put a cupcake down my shirt, then took it out and ate it. That did not happen! But, no one believes me! I have a boyfriend! I would never let somebody put their hands in my shirt while I was in a relationship! Today, at a meeting after school no one would sit with me or talk or look at me, so I had to sit all alone. I have 3 friends who are willing to curse her out and even fight her, (one boy, two girls) but I don't want anymore problems. I'm begging my parents to move or let me go to private school. I'm so done I want to just cry forever.
Somebody help me!


just a vent*



twoisbetterthanonex3 1 decade ago
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omg ducks?!?! she is the queen of that nasty duckface, omg @loveyouforathousandyearsx3 you just made my life<3333
and @miruenlove15, thanks<33
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loveyouforathousandyearsx3 1 decade ago
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Just remember darling, stupid ducks have a short life span. Karma will bite her in the butt.
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mireunlove15 1 decade ago
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im so sorry ur going through this right now i hope everything works out for you in the end :(
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