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Something to Believe In part 9: I saw a tall slender girl with

Something to Believe In

part 9:

 I saw a tall slender girl with wild curly hair and dark skin talking, with a smaller girl with chestnut brown hair standing next to her.  Next thing I know Liam is embracing her, and Louis picked up the smaller girl and spun her around in a circle.  It sank my stomach when I realized that Danielle Peazer, Liam’s girlfriend, and Eleanor Calder, Louis’s girlfriend just walked into the room. It didn’t sink my stomach that I didn’t want them to come, I could have cared less, just the fact that they were there.  They made me feel much more ordinary, like this extraordinary occurrence was just that.  Nothing more.  I looked over at Jordan, and her jaw was two centimeters short of dropping to the ground, as all the guys gave Danielle and Eleanor a hug.
“Long time no see!” Danielle said, as her red leggings framed her perfectly long legs with a tanktop vest and a flowing tanktop underneath was designed to her perfect figure.  Eleanor was wearing jeans with a striped baby pink blouse that hung in all the right places.  I’ve never felt more inferior in my whole life, and Liam turned around at me smiling, and said,
“Danielle, you have to meet our new American friends! This is Lauren, she gave us the most delicious ice cream today.  Well, I had a milkshake,” he said, and I felt her and Eleanor look me up and down, and then Liam gestured over to Jordan and say, “This is her friend who works with her, Jordan.  They just took us out to get sushi, and it was absolutely out of this world!”  I saw their eyes look her up and down, as well, and I felt her want to go hide in the nearest corner, as I had.  These girls were practically perfect, how could I have thought that I was even half decent enough to spend time with this band.  They were larger than life, and my life especially.  I had to take deep breaths to hold myself from crying.  Jordan looked over at me, and then back at everyone. 
“We’re going to run to the bathroom really fast.” She said, and we excused ourselves from the room, and down one corridor, into the girls’ room.
“What. The. Hell.” I said, and leaned against the wall, and sunk to the floor.
“I don’t know what just happened.” She said, pacing back and forth.  I let a few tears slide.
“I don’t know what I was thinking, thinking we could hang out with people like them.  I mean look at them.” I said, and my voice cracked from the tears. 
“We’re in so far over our heads.” She agreed.
“Look at us!” I said, “Two girls who’ve never known anything other than school and sports, and there’s a freaking world famous band, a girl who’s danced with more famous bands than I’ll ever know, and a freaking model.” I said.
“I’ve never felt smaller.” She said, and I agreed.  There was a knock on the door, and a small high voice asked,
“Are you okay?” I jumped up, and quickly wiped the makeup that ran from my eyes, and Eleanor peeked her head in.
“Hey, are you two okay?” she asked, and Danielle peeked her head in behind her.
“Yea, just needed to use the bathroom.” I said, and fixed my hair.
“Sorry if we scared you.” Danielle said, walking into the bathroom, “I just always love making fun of them.  We haven’t properly met, I’m Danielle.” She said, and shook my hand.  I smiled, such a British thing to do.
“I’m Lauren.”
“I’m Jordan.” She said, shaking her hand, and Eleanor said,
“I’m Eleanor.  I’m really sorry we didn’t mean to scare you off like that.”
“Did it really look that bad?” I asked, and they both laughed.
“Yea, you looked like you just saw your dead grandmother’s ghost.” Danielle said, and I laughed at that.  Jordan said,
“We’re sorry.  It’s just been such an overwhelming day.”
“It’s a lot to take in.” I agreed, and they both nodded their head.
“Don’t let us intimidate you, trust me.  We’re the two biggest goofballs you’ll ever meet.” Eleanor said, and I smiled.
“I was shocked you came here.” I smiled, “I didn’t know you were coming, they didn’t mention anything.”
“Yea, we were going to surprise them.  They picked up two more girls to our group El.” Danielle elbowed Jordan.
“We’re just friends right now.” Jordan said,
“Yea, but don’t worry not for long.” Eleanor said, “Niall wouldn’t spend his time with just anyone.”
“And you,” Danielle said, pointing at me, “Liam told me Zayn can’t even look straight when he’s with you.”
“What? He’s fine when he’s with me..” I said, confused.
“Don’t worry about it.” She laughed, and said,
“Bradford Bad Boy meets a good girl.”
“Why does everyone keep calling me a good girl?” I asked, and Eleanor and Jordan laughed.
“Do you have a tattoo?” Danielle asked.
“No…” I said.
“You’re a good girl.” She smiled, and we all walked out of the bathroom to rejoin the boys.



CornDogs 7 years ago
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I don't even listen to One Direction, I barely even know who thy are but I like this story a lot. I was feeling pretty anxious and upset and reading this helped get my mind off of it and make me feel better. Thanks :) <3
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FolloowYouurHeaartx3 7 years ago
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please please please keep it goinggg!(: its so gooood!
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FolloowYouurHeaartx3 7 years ago
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ahhh! its so cute!(:
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