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Something to Believe In part 10: We all walked out, and Niall

Something to Believe In

part 10:

 We all walked out, and Niall asked,
“Is everything okay?”
“Brilliant!” Danielle said, she had a strong personality, but not overpowering, which was a nice change.
“Yea, we’re good.” Jordan said, and Zayn looked at me and opened his mouth to say something, when Louis cut him off.
“Let’s do first round boys versus girls, we’ll go easy on you.” He winked at Eleanor, and she playfully shoved him.
“Alright, we’ll see how this goes.” Jordan said, and we put on the chest pads that had the laser sensors in them, and glasses they gave us that resembled the 3D goggles you got when you were at the movies.  We each got a laser gun, and they released us into opposite ends of the arena, and we decided to pair off, but it ended up being me with Eleanor and Jordan with Danielle.  It was hard not to make things incredibly awkward, but Eleanor was nice, and we were having a quiet discussion, when she hushed me, and we heard footsteps, and Harry’s loud laughter.  As they came across the corner, I shot Harry, and his vest lit up, when Louis shot me, and Eleanor shot Louis, and ran away.
A short while later, Danielle came up with Jordan, with Niall, Zayn, and Liam’s chests glowing from getting shot with the laser.
“Did the girls just win this round?” Danielle asked.
“Yea, I was shot though.” I laughed, and Jordan shook her head at me.
“It was a sacrifice kill, she got Harry, Louis got her, and I got Louis.” Eleanor explained.
“Rookie mistake.” Zayn whispered under his breath as he walked by me, and I came back and said,
“Look who’s talking.” And he smiled.
“Let’s make this interesting.” Liam said, and we all turned to face him.
“Let’s partner up, and whoever wins…”
“Will get an extra special American surprise from Jordan and me.” I said,
“Well what if one of the two Americans wins?” Niall asked.
“Then they’ll get an extra special surprise from Danielle and myself.” Eleanor volunteered.
“BRING IT ON!” Louis shouted, as he wrapped his arm around Eleanor and said, “Partner!”
“I call Danielle!” Liam said,
“Well I want the Irish one!” Niall said.
“Niall, you’re the only Irish one here.” Harry said, and patted his back.
“No, Jordan! Her last name is Ireland! So I want that Irish one!” and we all laughed.
“We’ll triple up and have Harry on our team!” Louis said, and I looked up at Zayn.
“Well looks like you’re stuck with the weakest link.” He smiled, and everyone separated to strategize.
“I wouldn’t call it stuck.”
“Really, what would you call it then?”
“Don’t worry about it.” He smiled, and I couldn’t help but smile back at him, and I shook my head back into focus.
“Okay, how are we going to win this?”
“Let’s just hide until everyone gets each other out, and then we’ll attack.”
“Deal.” I said, and we ran to the back of the course, and sat in a corner close together so we weren’t able to be seen.
We sat there for about twenty minutes, giggling and whispering and shhhing each other when we thought someone was coming, then we heard Harry yell,
“Where’s Zayn and Lauren?”  And we both looked at each other.  We stood up and snuck quietly to the front, where everyone was standing in a circle, with everyone’s vest lit up apart from Harry.
“How did Harry manage to not get hit?” I whispered to Zayn, and he chuckled and shrugged his shoulders.  I snuck around the corner, in position to hit Harry from behind, when Danielle saw me, and completely interrupted the conversation and shot me.
“Shoot.”  I said, and walked into the group.  I tried to distract everyone so Zayn could have his chance, when everyone ran to where I came from.  I heard a feminine scream, most likely from Louis, and Zayn came back with his vest lit up.
“Sorry, I messed it up.” He smiled and shook his head.
“It’s alright, I left my gun back where we were hiding anyways.” And everyone laughed.
“How do you forget your gun?” Liam asked, and he shrugged.  We all walked out into the lobby where Paul was waiting.
“What time is it?” Zayn asked me.
“It’s 11.” Paul answered.
“We have a signing tomorrow morning, but other than that, we’re free for the rest of the day.” Zayn said, and we circled up again.
“Okay, well there’s a Phillies game tomorrow night, if you’re interested in going.”
“Is that baseball?” Niall asked.
“Yes,” Jordan laughed, and I said,
“My friend has tickets that she said we could use, if you all want to go.  It’s one of the best ways to see Philly. There’s funny people, crazy stories, and really good food.”
“I’m in.” Niall said, and we all laughed.
“Sounds fun.” Harry said, and Danielle nodded her head.
“Now I’m interested, we wanna go, right Liam?”
“Of course.”
“We’ll come too.” Eleanor said, as Louis stood with his arms around her.
“Sounds like a lot of fun!” Zayn said to me, and I pulled my phone out and asked,
“Alright, who should I call to schedule details with.”
“Here, I’ll text myself from your phone.” Zayn said, taking my phone from my hand, and typing quickly.  I’m pretty sure I saw Niall steal Jordan’s phone from her hand, but I wasn’t entirely sure.
“We can meet at our hotel, and you can take us from there, Miss ‘Souphilly.’” Zayn smiled at me, and handed me my phone back.
“Hey, don’t make fun of the accent.”
“I actually love it.” He said, and I shook my head.
“But it’s just so, American.” I laughed.
“No, you have your own spin on it.  And hey, I’m not used to American accents, so I like it.” He laughed, and we all walked out.  Zayn walked over to my car, and I stood in front of the driver’s door, as he said,
“Thank you for everything today.  It’s really nice to meet someone so incredibly down to earth. I know it’s hard with all we have to do.” He said, and leaned his shoulder against the car, bringing himself eye level to me.
“I’m glad you had fun.  Tomorrow will be hilarious.  You’ll meet some of the craziest people you’ve ever met.  It’s going to be fun.” I smiled, and he mirrored mine.
“Can’t wait.” He said, and I heard their car start.
“Oops, don’t want them to leave without me!” and he quickly picked me up into a hug, and kissed my cheek, before he ran off to their car, and shouted a goodbye before he shut his door, and I just leaned back against the car as I saw Jordan running toward my car.  What the hell just happened?


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julietechoecho 8 years ago
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Gotta hand it to you, chick-
you've got a way with imagery :)
I actually wanted to keep reading! Which is really REALLY saying something, as—like I've said before—I'm very hard to impress when it comes to written works. So, VIRTUAL HIGH-FRICKIN-FIVE!

Ps- I own all the NCIS dvds ;D
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