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One Direction things#00000 It's Go post your


One Directiothings#00000

Go post your One Direction madness on there.




TheGirlThatCantBeMoved 1 decade ago
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v.V That doesn't mean you can talk about them 24//7. I'm not judging them, or who they are. I'm judging about you guys, and how you all are over-using the quotes. You tell us to ignore the quotes, but how can we ignore them when they're all over?
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misschocolateeyes 1 decade ago
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Trishaaa 1 decade ago
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If you all can talk about your Hunger Games, and YOLO stuff, why can't we talk about 1D?
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Lorcan 1 decade ago
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That's where all of those fake 1D facts came from though, lmao.
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natalieeeroseee 1 decade ago
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people are expressing thier feelings for oe direction just like you and everyone else expresses their feelings for boys, friends and everything else, but no body's trying to stop you or telling you it's annoying, so why should you do that to them?
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