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Something to Believe In part 13: I took a shower, and put my

Something to Believe In

part 13:

 I took a shower, and put my Herbal Essences mousse in my hair, and my other little trick, sprayed some salt water in it.  Apparently that brought out the natural curl, but it usually worked with my hair.  I blow dried it for a little, then let it air dry as I picked out my outfit.  I grabbed my off-white Phillies shirt with number 27, Polanco on the back of it.  I put on my favorite pair of skinny jeans, and my dark brown Rainbows.  Thank God my toenails were presentable, with a baby blue that matched my fingernails.  I adjusted my part, and put stray pieces of hair on their appropriate sides of the part, and put on my makeup.  I didn’t want to look too done up just for a Phillies game, so I put on mascara, curled my lashes, and just lined my eyes with my brown pencil.  I put on some tan shadow, to make it look as opaque as possible, with some light sparkle in the corner of my eyes taking the white eye shadow’s place.  I put in my small fake diamond studs, one with a chained cuff that went to my cartilage.  The only way I could dress up a Phillies jersey, I thought.  I grabbed my North face, that wasn’t a typical heavy one, it was light and sporty, and light blue with darker blue sides.  I told my mom I was leaving and going to pick up Jordan for the game, and that I was sleeping over Megan’s, which she completely bought.
“Do you have your medicine?”
“Yep!”I said, and shook my bag, which rattled with the bottle of Keppra XR in it.  I drove my black little civic over to Jordan’s house, and she threw her stuff in the trunk and got in.  She looked cute, she had jeans rolled up into capris with American Eagle flip flops.  She was wearing a red Phillies shirt, with Utley on the back, and her hair was down with a side braid cascading the side of her head.
“Hey!” I said as she got in.
“Hey,” she said, and buckled as I turned around.
“Your mom okay with you sleeping over at Megan’s?”
“Yep” she said, and looked at me. “Literally genius of you.”
“Thanks,” I said, and laughed, “I hate lying, but this was way too good to miss out on.” I said, then asked.
“Can you put the GPS in on my phone; I don’t really know where the hotel is.  I put the address in, I just don’t want to get lost.” She laughed, and after a few moments, my phone was directing me to the city.
About 25 minutes later we were in South Philly, driving down the streets to Center City, where their hotel was.
“How do you know your way around here?” Jordan asked.
“I’m not sure, it’s kindof just second nature.” I said, remembering the so many times I was down here visiting my mom’s side of the family for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, you name it.  You could clearly tell the difference from South Philly and Center City, the small row homes turned into large skyscrapers, and when you looked up, you felt incredibly small.
“Here’s where I don’t know too much.” I said, and after a few turns down some one way streets, we ended up at the Hilton.
“Of course.” She said, and I pulled up to the front.  I was planning on getting out and telling the front desk the situation, and asking where I should park my car, but Paul was patiently waiting outside, and waved as soon as we pulled up.
“Hey!” I said, and rolled my window down as he walked over.
“Hey girls, we have a spot for you down in the garage, and the boys and two girls are waiting for you upstairs.”
“Alright I’ll go park, Jord you can go up with Paul.”
“I can park it for you.” Paul offered.
“Do you mind?” I asked, and he was already nodding.
“Not a problem.”
“Can you drive on the right side of the road?” I joked, and he smiled.
“I think I’ll be okay.” He said, and I pulled the seat back so he could fit his legs in.  We got our bags out of the trunk, and I walked back to the window.
“Go to the 16th floor, and they all should be in room number 1607.” He said, and I said,
“Once you’re parked, don’t forget to lock her up, and she doesn’t beep if you push the button twice.” I said, and he nodded his head, and slowly pulled away.  Jordan and I walked into the lobby, where there was a group of girls with a bunch of CD’s and signs and such in a group, and a clerk was talking to them, and it sounded like he was telling them to leave.
“Can you believe that’s not us?” Jordan asked me.
“No.” I said, and we both laughed.  We got in the first elevator available, and got on with a man in a business suit, who look exhausted from a long day.  I pressed the 16th floor button, and he pushed something like 20. We road silently until it dinged that we were on the 16th floor, and we got off. 


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