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Our Summer Chapter 33 “You know how you asked about Bree?”

Our Summer

Chapter 33

  “You know how you asked about Bree?” he asked. “Why I get nervous around her?” I nodded, my throat tight; I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to know.
“Yeah,” I said, attempting to act natural.
“She’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a girlfriend,” he explained. I bit my lip. “When she moved here in eighth grade, we talked a lot. I started liking her, and freshman year I finally got up the nerve and asked her to homecoming. She said yes, but we were only going as friends.
“After that, we hung out a lot more and I told her I liked her. She said she liked me back, but we never went out. I guess she stopped liking me at some point because before I knew it she was dating someone else,” Lucas explained.
“I’m sorry,” I told him, although I was surprised that he still got nervous around her even though this had happened over a year ago.
“There’s more,” he said. “Beginning of sophomore year, she found out her boyfriend had cheated on her over the summer, and she told me about it, and we started talking again. After a couple weeks, she got back together with the guy, but we kept talking this time. They were constantly on and off again, and she always turned to me when they were fighting, or broke up. Finally, I told her I still liked her, and that I couldn’t stand seeing her so sad and that she should just break up with him for good,” he said.
“Big mistake?” I guessed.
“Huge. We stopped talking as much, and eventually she wouldn’t talk to me at all,” Lucas finished.
“Is she still dating him?” I asked.
“As far as I know,” he replied.
“She seemed really nice.”
“She is,” he sighed. “Well, now you know. I’ve never told anyone that story before.”
“Really?” I said, finding it adorable, despite the situation.
“Really,” he admitted.
“Why tell me?” I asked.
“Because,” he paused. “I like you Natalie. A lot. And I trust you. I feel like I can tell you anything.” We had stopped walking now, and he was looking down at me. “I’ve never felt like this before.” 

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Your story is absolutely amazing! Please write more as soon as you can :)
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FINALLY! This story is amazing!!! Please write more!!!!!!
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please post more. fast( :
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tell me when the next chapter is up!
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