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You know, celebrity crushes aren't that stupid. Where's

You know, celebrity crushes aren't that stupid.

Where's the rule that says you can't love someone you haven't met? Love means you care about someone, you want to see them happy, and you're attracted to them in an often mental and sometimes physical way.

Let me give you an example.

My parents are downstairs fighting right now. My friends are fighting each other, and I care about all of them, and don't want to see any of them hurt. My best friend is having some self esteem issues and all I want to do is help, but I don't know how. I really, really don't like to see her hurting so much.

So what keeps me sane? Matt Smith.

You can say I'm obsessed, but when I feel like crying, he's there every time. I can always google him to see his smile or look him up on Youtube to hear his voice.

And every time, I end up not crying, because he's there.

It sounds crazy, I know, but I really do love him. Please don't say it's irrational. I know that. 

But he's my angel and he doesn't even know it.

if you actually read this whole rant, I love you <3


naomimalfoy 8 years ago
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I read it all.(:
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girlwiththeblueeyes 8 years ago
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i’m sorry anna. i’m really sorry. don’t worry the fight is over now between the friends. and i’m sorry about my issues.
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