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NMQ/ NMF Being in a relationship is like being tickled. It's


              Being in a relationship is like being   tickled.
            It's fun at first, you laugh and giggle then it becomes more of a rush.
            &  you get that funny feeling in your stomach.

               BUT SOON YOU FALL DOWN.&
                         you can't breathe and tears come to your eyes.      ||||||||||||||||||||||       you get left on the floor         
                                    b u t    a s    y o u    l a y    t h e r e    a n d   t h i n k   a b o u t   h o w   e x c i t i n g   i t   h a d   b e e n ,
              CATCHING  YOUR  BREATHE,&
                  you get the strength to get up and chase someone else.       ♥

               NMQ NMF     


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