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the girl that was supposly my bff left me bcu of her boyfriend

the girl that was supposly my bff left me bcu of her boyfriend nd they broke up nd she started talkin to me again. now she did the same thing but another new boyfriend. This time shes talking bad about me and i lost her friendship she tell everyone im a bad friend. shes sayin im the one that ditches her for some other friend of mine but it inst true. we have 4 days since we last time. I lost a bff but i an careless because of how she talks aboiut me. its just sad that shes letting our friendship go to waste because of her new boyfriend. nd her boyfriend was a really good friend of mine so atually i lost 1 good friend because i know she talked bad about me but i didnt care. now im waitin for all her lie to blow up in her face nd im waiting because from then on no one is gonna talk to her. but its sad when some one you know becames someone you knew.

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Love8soccer 1 decade ago
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I can sort of relate look at the story/quote on my profile:0
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posted April 30, 2012 at 10:11pm UTC tagged with vent

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