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Really long but worth reading<3 He's the most popular

Really long but worth reading<3

He's the most popular guy in school.
She's just a "nerd"
She's completely in love with him, not because he's popular, Because he has a heart
One day she when to go talk to this boy, he was surrounded by all of his jock friends.
Her walking up to him was the hardest thing she's ever had to do in her life
"Just breath and you'll be fine" She said to herself
she walked up to him.
As she Tapped his shoulder
His friends just started to laugh and point at her.
"What do you think you're doing" "Dont even try, you're to ugly""He doesn't like you!!"
She ran away crying, Wishing she had never done that..
She pulled out her razor.. Cutting deeper and deeper with every cut going up her arms
Then She got a call
It was him,
He told her nothing was wrong with her. His friends were just jealous.
As she was listening , she herd laughter in the background. Then he said thinking she couldn't hear "I can't believe she's falling for it!"
She hung up, crying. Threw her phone then She layed in bed. Didn't move an inch. Her phone was ringing over and over, She just ignored it
She Sat up, her pillow stained with tears.
She wished She had never done that
She thought to herself
"why am i so ugly, why would i think i would actually have a chance with him.. i don't deserve to live anymore."
She went and found a rope.....

The next morning on the news.
"A girl was found in her bedroom late last night trying to hang herself. Luckily this guy(The popular boy) Had snuck out of his house and looked into her window. He broke the window and cut her down."
*At the hospital* "Why'd you try to save me ?" She said with tears rolling down her face.
He whipped her tears away and said
"That wasnt me on the phone, that was my "friend" , He took my phone and called you. Thats why i snuck over to your house. I wanted to make sure you were okay you wouldnt answer any of my calls"
She Sat there in confusion "Whyd you try to call me. I thought you hated me"
"What made you think that beautiful, because my d!ck of a friend told you? Honestly.. I'm in love with you, when you ran away i felt horrible. All i wanted to do was this.."
He kisses her softly, then pulls away takes her hand
He sees the cuts..
"Why'd you do this, ? He said is Shock
"I..i..i felt unwanted. I love you. And when i herd your friends say that i was hurt" She Stuttered.
"This was because of me?" He said while rubbing the cuts
He looks at them then kisses them
"Dont worry .. you wont have to do this ever again, because i'm never leaving your side. Will you be my girl forever?"
She looked at him teary eyed "Yes, i will"
They grew old together and two beautiful kids who looked just like them
They died together in their sleep on her 80th birthday. They were holding eachother


JustMeHere 1 decade ago
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Your formatting made the comments purple
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basketballfan6 1 decade ago
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That is so adorable!!!!!! <3
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scballetgirl19 1 decade ago
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is this true?please?
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xoxoGotNinjaxoxo 1 decade ago
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awwwwwwwww :') so cute! Did this actually happen?
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littleleftofthemiddle 1 decade ago
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that is quite adorable:) but, to be honest, i could never actually see this happening, unfortunately :(
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