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10 favorites • Favorite Color: black and red (same as demi

10 favorites
• Favorite Color: black and red (same as demi lovato woop)
• Favorite Food: pizza & sushi
• Favorite Singer(s): Ed Sheeran, Demi Lovato & Taylor Swift
• Favorite Show: friends or that 70's c;
• Favorite Sport: Softball
• Favorite Season: summahh c; 
• Favorite Day Of the Week: friday c;
• Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: cookies and cream
• Favorite Time of Day: like um late idk

                                                                 9 currents

• Current Mood: idek
• Current Taste: nothing
• Current Clothes: white v-neck, plaid shorts & converse 
• Current Computer: macbook
• Current Finger/Toenail Color: nothing 
• Current Time: 11:48 am
• Current Surroundings: classroom
• Current Annoyance(s): everyone. :D
• Current Thought: 'get me outta class' 

8 Firsts
• First Best Friend: Caitlin
• First crush this school year: um robbie idek. oh wait no IT WAS NICK
• First Screen Name: mingming15
• First Pet: doggy. 
• First Piercing: nada
• First Thing You Did Today: went to tumblr 
• First Thing You Ate Today: hot pocket
• First School: redbank

7 Lasts
• Last Food Consumption: um, idek
• Last Car Ride: um ride home from my game last night
• Last Text Message: um twitter lol
• Last Movie Seen: harry potter and the half-blood prince c;
• Last Item Bought: ice tea :3 
• Last CD Played: taylor swift
• Last Website You Were On: tumblahhh

6 Have You Evers
• Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends: yerp. & regreted it :c
• Have You Ever Broken the Law: yee
• Have You Ever Been Arrested: lol naw
• Have You Ever Been on TV: yerpppp
•Have Ever Walked Into A Sliding Glass Door: yes
• Have You Ever Sat On The Roof: yes

5 Places You've Been To
• 1. guatemala
• 2. el salvador
• 3. canada
• 4. teas
• 5. california 

4 Things
• You're Wearing: already answered woomp
• You Did Last Night: watched ed sheeran on ustream 
• What Can You Hear Right Now: suite life on deck
• You Can't Live Without: musica c;

3 People You Can Tell Anything To
• 1. Jenni (peacex3jenn)
• 2. caroline 
• 3. abbe 

2 Choices
• 1. black or white: Black
• 2. hot or cold: hot c;;

1 Love
• fooooooooodd

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