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I wish you hadn't kissed me - When you walked me to the door

I wish you hadn't kissed me - When you walked me to the door
I wish you hadn't held my hand - And made me want you more
I wish you hadn't whispered - All those sweet things in my ear
I wish you hadn't stroked my hair - Or hugged and held me near
I wish you hadn't smiled - When I opened up my eyes
I wish your touch had not erased all your little lies
I wish there were no little things - Reminding me of you
i WiSh MeMoRiEs WoUlD nOt MaKe Me FeEl ThE wAy I dO
I wish I didn't know that if you called i'd run right over
I wish I could be strong and smart - And give you the cold shoulder
I wish you would have treated me - Like just another girl
Then the nights I spent with you - Would feel like what they were
I wish I hadn't fallen hard - I knew you weren't for real
But I just can't help the way - That being with you made me feel
I wish I wouldn't wake up sad - And know I've dreamt of you
I wish I could get through a day - and never think of you
I wish I could forget - How you took away my fears
I wish I only thought of When you didn't wipe away my tears
I wish that you had been the guy - I hoped that you would be
I wish i could get over you - Like you got over me
I wish that I could see you - For the person that you are
But the heart won't ever listen - Or grant wishes on a star
And I wish that all these wishes -Were full of honesty
But truth be told
I wish that you would just come back to me

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