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Stole My Heart 1D Fanfic Chapter 5- The call I held onto Harry's

Stole My Heart

1D Fanfic

Chapter 5- The call


 I held onto Harry's number with my life as we walked to find the car. Katie was talking a mile a minute and freaking out. I was smiling and thinking that this wasn't real life. We drove back to my aunt's apartment which she wasn't staying in because she was on vacation. Me and Katie walked inside and then she started drilling me with conversation.

"Ohmigosh! I cannot believe you have Harry Styles's phone number in your hands right now!"
I said "Yeah I know!"

Katie asked me to tell her everything in detail. So I did. She freaked even more and asked when I was gonna call. I told her I didn't know. When do you call Harry Styles? Never thought I'd have to ask my self this question. Should I call him tonight? Or maybe in the morning? What if he doesn't anwser? Is he tired? These thoughts and more went through my head.

Katie said "Just call him now! N-O-W! As in right NOW!!!"
I said" Are you sure what if-"
Katie cut me off "HE LIKES YOU CALL HIM NOW!"

I took a deep breath and told Katie to go away while I talked to Harry since she need to know what was going on. Of course she protested so I went out on the balcony. You could her the ocean in the distance as the warm see breeze brushed my hair and face. I took out my phone and saved him number in my contacts. I dialed the number and listened for the ring. My heart started beating really fast when I heard the ringing which seemed too long. And then silence and the noise of a phone being picked up. 

I said "Umm hi. Yeah. This is Hannah. Um yeah from tonight?"
"Oh! Hi! How are you?"
I said " I'm good and how are you?
Harry said "I'm just wonderful now that I'm talking to you."
"Oh thanks. Um so I had a really great time to night and your really amazing and so nice and I think your great and brilliant and umm yeah and good at singing so yeah."
Harry said next "Why are you so nervous? *laughs* You're so cute even though I can't see you."
I said "I don't really know. You make me lose control and I hardly know you. *nerous laughs*"
Then he said "How about I get to know you over dinner tomorrow. I'll pick you up at 7. Sound good?"
Then I blurted "Yeah it sounds really good. See you tomorrow."
He said "Goodnight, love. Until tomorrow."

And then I realized I had a date with Harry Styles.

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