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It's ComplicatedChapter Two*Kayce's P.O.V* UGH. I let out a frustrated

It's Complicated
Chapter Two
*Kayce's P.O.V*
 UGH. I let out a frustrated sigh while I examined myself in the floor length mirror on my bedroom wall.  My bleach blonde hair flowed in beachy waves and stopped halfway down my back, my bright blue eyes glistened between my thick black eyelashes and my full rosy lips framed my perfectly straight teeth. I looked hot, actually, I looked better than hot, I looked f*cking amazing. And I definitely looked older than 15. But that wasn't the problem, my outfit was. I absolutely could not go to the beach with my boyfriend, Gabe, wearing this outfit! My neon pink, strapless bathing suit washes out my skin, making me look like I've spent twenty thousand years cooped up in a cave and my blue cover up clashed with the bathing suit. A honking car horn interrupted my pity party. I looked out my window and saw Gabe's black truck in my driveway. I grabbed my beach bag and ran out the door. Let the summer begin, I thought, smirking. I'm determined to make this the best summer ever.

 **author's note: again, the format sucks, I know. I hope you like it. It's still slow, just kinda the basic info about relationships and attitudes. If you read this, give me some feedback, I don't care of its good or bad. I just wanna know what you think. And, of you read this I love you. <3 xx



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