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K im gonna go on a vent here guisee. I feel like i've been the

K im gonna go on a vent here guisee. I feel like i've been the most annoying person to be around lately, i feel like i've been complaining too much. Some of my closest friends used to come to me for advice all the time and i could make them feel better, but now i don't know what to tell them. And i feel really bad about that. I used to get upset that my friends were upset but once i helped them i felt better, but now i can't help them so i just feel worse. My parents say i've been selfish lately, and thats partially true. I try to help them and make them happy but they want me to be the perfect child and do everything they say, and i can't do that for them. I always tried making others happy instead of myself, but it's all catching up now, and i'm trying to focus on making myself happy, but it seems like everyone just disagrees with that. I feel like i've been becoming more and more anti-social everyday. Everyone who tries to talk to me just gets annoying. They're not really annoying, i just see them that way. I've had an "attitude" with my parents, but i'm a teenager, who doesn't have an attitude towards theirs.? Some days everything's fine and i feel like things are turning around, then the next day everything sucks. Even the same day sometimes, i'll have an amazing day then i go home and it sucks.  Basically for any of my friends who read this, i'm sorry if i've been annoying or if i haven't been the best friend i can be. K thank you if you actually read this, i love you

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posted June 3, 2012 at 6:13pm UTC tagged with vent

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