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*Couples on wedding night* Husband: Finally, I've been waiting

                                                           *Couples on wedding night*
                                                            Husband: Finally, I've been waiting for this so long.
                                                            Wife: Do you ever want to leave me?
                                                            Husband: No! I don't even want to think about it.
                                                            Wife: Do you love me?
                                                            Husband: Of course, very much!
                                                            Wife: Do you want to cheat on me?
                                                            Husband: No, why would you even ask me that?
                                                            Wife: Do you want to get intimate with me?
                                                            Husband: Every time I get the chance.
                                                            Wife: Would you ever hit me?
                                                            Husband: Are you kidding me? Hell no.
                                                            Wife: Can I trust you?
                                                            Husband: Yes, darling.
                                                            Wife: Sweetheart!
                                                            *After 10 years* Read back to front.

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nehel08 1 decade ago
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ha ha loll but it CAN happen…;)
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