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I hate it: he just texted me goodnight but yet when i look on

I hate it:

he just texted me goodnight but yet when i look on his facebook. Hes talking to other girls and commenting on their photos and telling the how cute they are. He doesn't even tell me im beautiful. I hate it. He tells me not to cry but yet i do! I tell him, and he'll be like 'awh baby I Love You im going no where' but yet i don't know if its going to be him thats going somewhere. I think i need to leave him, because its just sooo constant with the flirting with other girls. But yet he gets mad when I talk to other guys, even if their just friends D: this is not how i want my relationship to be. . . . . . .

*If you can help me, please comment or something.I don't want to leave him, but i just need advice!



maceigh 9 years ago
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I think you need to talk to him about this because it isnt fair to you or him. Clearly he really likes you, or he wouldnt get so mad when you talk to other guys but it isnt fair that you arent allowed to have other guy friends.

you should make sure that the girls that he is talking to are really JUSt friends and have a serious talk with him about it. He shouldnt do this to you, and he probaly doesnt even know that he does.
If he can't be mature about it and have a ration talk with you then maybe he isnt the guy for you.
comment on my profile if you need anything!
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Kuhaiu 9 years ago
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You know, I think you need to talk to him about it. I've been in a relationship like this before, except it was with a friend. She went off with other friends all the time, but got mad when I went off with my friends. It's not a healthy relationship. I think he's being overcontrolling.

Try talking to him. (Important note: don't be judgmental or mean about it!) If he doesn't listen, then it's probably time to end your relationship. If he doesn't listen, your relationship is in a bad spot.

Hope that helped.
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hatetheloved 9 years ago
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Ultimatum time? tell him what you want in the relationship and whether or not hes fulfilling those things.
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ApplePieFlutterDashRariSparkle 9 years ago
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Ask him about him. You need to bring it up with him and if he's actually sorry then he'll stop. Building a wall of unsaid nothings will not help any relationship.

Also try not to be so clingy on him, maybe he finds it annoying.

But if he tells you not to talk to other guys just hint RATHER LOUDLY that he talks to other girls all the time.

And even if he does talk to other girls, you still may be the last thing he thinks about before drifting off to sleep :3 lol that was so cheesy but whatever. Hope everything turns out ok! 👍
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