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Dance For love Chapter 1 (Part4) Payton’s POV Beep! Beep!

Dance For love
Chapter 1 (Part4)
Payton’s POV
Beep! Beep! Beep! My alarm clock woke me up for breakfast at the orphanage. My parents left me here as soon as they had me. I was one of the oldest in the orphanage and I doubted anyone would adopt me. The only thing we could ever do here was dance. That was where my passion came from. One of the volunteers, Ms. Jenna, was a dance instructor so she taught classes for us in our free time. When she saw how fast I could pick up dances and how graceful I was she had me take private classes. Then she sent me to the Academy, paying for it herself. I guess you could say she is like a mom to me.
I brush my dirty blonde hair and put it in a pony tail on top of my head. I threw on some ripped jeans and a white v-neck. The only jewelry I wore was a heart on a long silver chain. I walked out of my room and down the stairs to the dining hall. I sat next to my best friend here, Elizabeth. She was 15, a year older than me. We didn’t really talk at breakfast. She was always sad when I left. I was the only person she could talk to here. When we finished she came up to my room with me to help me finish packing.
“Do you have to leave?” She asked
“Yes, and you know how amazing the academy is. It will help me become a professional dancer” I told her.
“I’m going to miss you terribly!” She said, tearing up.
“I’ll miss you, too! At least the Academy is only 2 hours away. Some people live days away, so I’ll try to visit more often. And you can text me on the phones we got last year!” I told her.
“I know, but it will be hard not talking to anyone,”
“If there are any problems, please text me!”
“I will,” she promised.
“Payton, it’s time to go!” Ms. Jenna called from downstairs.
I hugged Elizabeth one last time and took my bags down to the car. Ms. Jenna was going to be driving me to the academy today. I waved to all the other kids, making sure to hug the littlest ones who liked me and thought of me a big sister

If you’re reading, feedback would be amazing! I know its still kinda boring but I’m about to start with the actual story part now!

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