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The Virgin Epliogoue. I smiled and held Mikes hand while walking

The Virgin

I smiled and held Mikes hand while walking on the beach.
It was the last day of summer.
Tomorrow, he would be heading back to his dorm and I would be heading back to school.
I'm preparing for the start of my senior year.. and a different me.
I smiled and leaned in and kissed him.
He took me into his arms and held me.
"Thank you for the best summer ever baby." He said and I think he smiled.
"It was the best summer ever." I said thinking back to the memories.

1 month earlier.

"Mom. I'm home." I screamed out.
"Isabelle Angela Kingston." My mother spoke to me in a sharp tone.
"Yes?" I questioned surprised.
"You are a disgrace to this whole family. Staying at a hotel room, with a boy? Then being seen walking out of the hotel with a different boy." She screamed at me loudly.
I looked at her with my eyes scrunched up.
She continued screaming, "What do you have to say for yourself young lady? If your gonna be a lady, act like one." She screamed at me.
"MOM. STOP."I yelled back at her.
She looked at me with her mouth dropped open, "Who are you to talk to your mother in that tone of voice."
"I'm your daughter. I'm tired of being perfect just to impress you. I'm tired of trying to live up to your standards of living. I want to go out and do things TEENAGERS do. I don't want to continue to be your puppet that does everything you say. I want to wear jeans without you looking at me like I'm some kind of homeless person. I want to wear sweat pants out of the house without YOU yelling at me for it. I want to be able to wear a dress more than once. I want to be MYSELF. I don't want to be you."
I breathed deeply, I had finally stood up to my mom, after almost 17 years.
She stared me down expecting me to back down, "All my life, I've raised you to be an excellent,  beautiful, young lady. This is the thanks I get." She turned but I could see the tears running down her cheeks.
"Mom.." I said my voice cracking. "You raised my great. But still, you can't raise me forever. Eventually I have to do my own thing. I'm almost an adult mom."
She looked at me, "I understand but still, Your my baby. I can't let go now." She said patting my hair.
"Mom. You don't have to let go. You just have to let me be myself a little bit." I smiled and hugged her around the waist.
"I can do that.. Maybe. But take it slow with me." She put her arms around me and held me close.
I smiled, "Anything for you mom."
Here I stood. On the beach. I had Mike's hand in my hand and I was in my sweat pants.
He smiled at me, "Hm. Good thing your not wearing a cute outfit.."
I looked at him scared, "Why?"
"Because then I'd feel bad if I did.. this."
With that he speared me into the water.
I came up and choked on it pretending to drown.
"Belle. Belle." He screamed swimming towards me.
I jumped on his neck and pushed him down in the water.
"SUCKKER." I screamed at him.
He smiled and pulled me under the water and kissed me.
I don't know whats going to happen in the next few years.
But, I'm living my life the way I want to.
Since you only live once.



Shout out to my readers who stuck with me.
Especially those who have been with me since the beginning!
I love you ALL!
I'm going to start posting outfits on polyvore.
And I will try to get a prologue up tonight.
I'd like to dedicate this book to ALL my witty girls.
A special thinks to those people who helped me become a better writer.
A big thanks to my fans for always believing in me.



Sweet_Stuff 9 years ago
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Please keep writing this story! its amazing. Your amazxing at writting.
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Mdstaples 9 years ago
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umakemehappi 9 years ago
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i love the end. YOLO. hehe. this was so good.
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Mufin1 9 years ago
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YOUR AN AMAZING WRITER! Your so amazing, and stunning, !! Everyone loves you! KEEP WRITING! THe virgin, was proably the best book ever!
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liveyourlife28 9 years ago
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Ugh. I love that story so much.♥
I wish it didn't end. D':
But you're a great writer, I seriously think this and 'The Party Life' are the best stories I've read on witty.(:
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BoogerLovesBatman14 9 years ago
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It was GREAT!!! I loved it. thank you for finishing it, it made my day when i went to your profile to look at your quotes and saw it and boom day was made!!!
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Harley91594 9 years ago
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jsloveforever 9 years ago
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omg! amazing! SEQUEL SEQUEL!
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xotaracarr* 9 years ago
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ohmygod you're amazing.♥
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Dreamxmaker 9 years ago
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truly great story!!! loved it!!
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Shes_Broken_Forever 9 years ago
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Bananaaah 9 years ago
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I absolutely loved this story :') I can't explain how much I loved it!
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TaraahMellark 9 years ago
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Awh Its Over! Cant wait for another one of your books!
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$* 9 years ago
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loved the story! you are such an amazing writer:)
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forgetmenot924 9 years ago
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That was so good! You are such a good writer! You are awesome, and I loved this!!!!
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froggered98 9 years ago
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this was so good i cant wait for your next book
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Lgirl 9 years ago
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Best story one witty ever!!
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cute4evrnalways 9 years ago
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One of the best stories I read on witty!
Keep em comin!
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xXxBelievexXx 9 years ago
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do u have anyother storys besides party girl???
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cheerordie963 9 years ago
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this is the shortest story ever..-___-
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