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Rues Story The hunger games. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I Woke Up Searching

Rues Story
The hunger games.
I Woke Up Searching For My Lamp and Clicked It on. Todays The Day of the Reaping. The Day I'd Been Dreading since my 12th Birthday. I could smell Brekfast On The stove and Got Dressed to Help Mama and Papa Feed My Crazy Young 6 Other Siblings. "Morning Rue" Papa said With a Fake smile I could see in his Eyes he Feared for me. "Morning Papa and Mama Did you sleep well?" I reply as I walk over to the Door to Get the Bucket for Milking Daisy The Cow. "We Slept Great" Mama Lied "Now Rue go Get some Milk for Brekfast". I walked Out To Daisy, My Best Friend. I told Daisy everything, My Deepest Secrets and How I was Really Feeling. The Beauty of Daisy was She Couldnt Tell anyone. I milked Daisy like I did every other day and Walked Back in Home. Maria, Elizabeth, Joshua, Harold, Thomas and Ethel. Elizabeth ran into my arms when I left down the Bucket. "Rue, where are you going today?" she asked. "I'm going to the square with lots of other kids" I say trying to keep her from knowing the Truth. Ethel Takes The Bucket of Milk and Pours it into the Weaved Bowls Papa and I spent hours making. "Eat up Kids, Rue we'll be going soon." Mama said looking at me with the Fearful look of concern Papa had done. After we were Finished Maria and I went to Clean Up. "You dont have to go do you? Cant you just pretend to be sick?" Maria asked. "I dont think The PeaceKeepers Could be Fooled." I say. Mama holds my Hand as we walk to the Town square. Lines of People are Signing In. Once I get accounted for I go and Join The other 12 year old girls of District 11. Wouldnt want a Child Un Accounted for. Ida cartwright The Escort For District 11 Comes Out On stage and Presents the Mayor. He makes the same old speech he makes Every year and Leaves Ida To Take Two of us Kids to Our Death. "Lets Start with The ladies Shall we?" Says Ida as she walks over to The Bowl. 6 Of those Slips Say My Name on them. Stupid Tessera I think to myself. Ida Takes out a Slip of paper and Walks to the Microphone.
"Rue Medows"She Calls Out.
I almost Faint when I realise.. Its me.
So This is My Story I'll be doing all of rues Experiences Until The End of Her Life. This is mostly for the pig HG Fans :) I hope you like it!


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