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Clove; Girl With the Knives Chapter 1, Part One The Town Center

Clove; Girl With  the Knives

Chapter 1, Part One
  The Town Center and Justice building were crowded with well over 5,000 girls and way over 5,000 boys. The escort, Sihbon Joel, was up on stage with out mayor. She had bright blue hair and crazy face tattoos. What a freak. I was herded into a roped off area with the other girls who were also 15. The mayor began how The Hunger Games came to be, about the uprisings, the Dark Days and District 13. He went on for a good 30 minutes before Sihbon called "Ladies first!" Her hand darted around in the glass bowl. My name, Clove Rainwell, was in there exactly ten time. I had I had signed up for the grain a total of 7 times, just to enter my name. She skimmed the surface, mixed the middle and then her hand sank to the bottom. She pulled her light orange skin out of the Reaping Bowl. Walking to the middle of the stage, she read the name "Alexis Reed." A little girl, probably 12 years old, only having her name in once, walked up to the stage, shaking with fear. No way she could win The Games. "Do we have any volunteers?" Sihbon questioned. I hesitated a moment, then stepped forward. "I volunteer." I say calmly, "I volunteer as tribute."
"Well then young lady, step up here please!" The Peacekeepers guided me forward roughly. "Name young lady?" Sihbon asked me. "Clove. Clove Rainwell." Sihbon continued,"Well Clove, you don't look much older than Alexis! What are you, 13?" Now I was furious. I was smaller, scrawny and short. "No, I'm 15, ma'am." I snapped. The crowd laughed at my bitter attitude. "Well, we better get our boy tribute!" She paused, then plunged her hand into the bowl. "Cato Bennit." she called out. A large burly boy pushed forward through the crowd. "No one volunteers for me, or I will kill you." He sneers. Nobody moved. "Shake hands!" Sihbon instructs. We do. His hand is at least six inches bigger than mine. "This years tributes for the 74th annual Hunger Games, Clove Rainwell and Cato Bennit!" With that, we are escorted off the stage, into a waiting room to say our last goodbyes. Only one of us was coming out, and it was going to be me.

~hey guys. you like it?sorry my prologue was blunt and boring. It gets exciting, I mean, its The Hunger Games! Comment for notifiation XoXo~Maddy

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Brilliant! A few spelling mistakes, but I'm really interested. Tell me when the next chapter's up?? :D
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