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Clove; Girl With the Knives Chapter 2 I walked into the living

Clove; Girl With  the Knives

Chapter 2
    I walked into the living car on the train and sat down on the red couch. I clicked on the television and the recaps began to play. District 1 had two gorgeous blondes, Marvel and Glimmer. The girl had volunteered, just as I had, but for an older girl, who was 18. I shook my head, what an idiot. The boy however, was Reaped. His name rang out over the crowd. “Marvel Cornwall.” His tall, lanky frame marched up the stairs. His eyes gave a deathly stare out, daring people to volunteer. No one blinked and eye. Next was us, District 2. “Alexis Reed.” Then I volunteered. Next, Cato was Reaped. District 3 was simple. Two younger kids, 14 maybe Reaped, no volunteers. District 4. Oh yeah, this one should be good. I burrowed down under my blanket to watch. A tall, dark haired girl was on stage in the Victors chairs, accompanied by a tall bronzed boy. The moment the escort Reaped a girl named May, the dark haired gal went insane. She leapt up and stared to scream and cry. The Peacekeepers came and tried to settle her down, but they couldn’t. The bronzed man tightly wrapped his arms around her and drug her off stage. “Well, excuse Annie..she’s a little different!” the escort went on to Reap a boy, 17 probably, named Luke, who was fit, tall and strong looking. It was cut off then, and Districts 5-10 were pretty much the same. Reaped, asking for volunteers, none, moving on. District 11. The boy, Thresh, looked like competition. He had volunteered for his younger brother. Aw, how sweet. Not. The little girl, Rue is what they say, was tiny. Maybe weighing 80 pounds. She had nothing but birds in the back ground for her..I don’t think even I could kill her. The next was District 12, my personal challenge. It all happened so fast,after the Victor, Haymitch, fell off the stage. “Primrose Everdeen.” the escort called out. The camera zoomed in on a little girl, Rue’s size, but blonde. The girl tucked in her shirt tail and began to walk forward. How the hell could I kill her? Surely nobody would volunteer. 12 hadn’t had one in such a long time! Then it happened. “I volunteer!” some girl screamed, “I volunteer as tribute!” My jaw dropped. A girl, probably 16, with dark hair walked up and hugged Primrose. Maybe her sister? She walked up on stage. “Name please?” the escort asked. “Katniss Everdeen.” she answered. “Well, I’ll be my buttons that was your sister!” The escort, Effie, laughed. Katniss nodded. A boy named Peeta, handsome lad too, was Reaped. He stepped forward, and Katniss got a pained look in her eyes. Were they dating? Surely not, he was so handsome and she was..not. They shook hands. The screen was black, and I looked up to see Cato, standing behind me.

~hey guys. you like it?is it too long? oh well. I hoped you liked the Reapings ;) It gets kinda intense after this.. Disclaimer: I do not own The Hunger Games, but I will be using quotes from it :)! There will be slight swearing..maybe some romance? Hm? Comment for notifiation XoXo~Maddy


23chars 1 decade ago
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i like I've always wondered if Cato and Clove had anything going on
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TheOtherDirection 1 decade ago
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i must say this is a fantastic idea for a story!
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fool's gold* 1 decade ago
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Still enjoying it! ;D
Notification for the next chapter?
TY~ ♥
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