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Okay, we definitely need to get something straightened out. This

Okay, we definitely need to get something straightened out. This whole "10 year olds now and when I was 10 stuff" kind of needs to stop. We get it, kids act differently now than we did when we were their age. But we were different than the kids that came before us. We arent better than those kids that stuff their bras and say yolo and wear mascara even though they are 10, 11, 12, etc. We live in a different age. And I dont think its right, but we cant hate on them. Look at the example we are setting. And you know why they probably dont want to act like actual kids? Because everyone older than them influences them. Want them to act their age? How about you do the same. In my opinion, you arent an adult until youre 18. Be a kid! Of course when youre in your teens (15, 16, 17) you cant really "be a kid" but you dont have to act like youre 20 something years old. Youre still growing up. And you know what, I dont think we are giving our younger generations credit. I know plenty of younger kids who dont act older than they are. Its just the few kids that ruin the reputation of the rest of the kids their age. My point? Be a kid while you still can. Dont grow up too fast. Im 14 and I spent most of my child hood wishing to be in highschool because they got  to do everything and it was so cool. Well I was wrong.... I know that most of you wont read this, or you will, but its not going to change anything but I just needed to put this out there. BE A KID! ACT YOUR AGE!:) (just my opinion.... add your comments)

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