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New Format for the story now c ;Rues story Chapter 3. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

New Format for the story now c
Rues story
Chapter 3.

I woke up early That morning. We were arriving to the Capitol today,And I'd get to meet my Stylist. When I got to Brekfast Ida was sitting at the table alone Filing her nails. How natural she looks, as if nothings happening at all. I take my seat and I am presented with French Toast, a Small bowl of fruit and some Grain. So Much for Good Capitol Meals, Maybe they thought I didnt like my dinner last night, since i hadnt finished it. I ate my Unusually Normal Brekfast and looked out the window. Thresh was walking in and being served with the same meal as mine. Maybe they hadnt stocked up enough food i thought. Then I saw That we were in the tunnel it was all black and Then Boom! There they were, The Capitol people waving like crazy in there mad clothes and Amazing Unusual Hair. I waved out the window and They loved it. I looked back at thresh and he didnt seem to have moved at all. He just sat there like nothing in the world was happening. When We Went back into a tunnel Sybil came out. "Crazy are'nt they" she said laughing "You'd better get used to them They'll be some of your possible sponsers!" She asked me to come take a seat and we'd talk stratagy. "Now First off would you like to be Trained together or separately choose now" She said Seriously.A lot of time went by I wasnt sure what to say til Sybil finally said something. "Separate May be better" Sybil suggested with a smile. We both nodded and Went back to what we were doing. The train entered the Station and we could hear the cheers outside. I was ushered Quickly into a separate car with Three amazingly weird people. "Oh Isnt she gorgous so Cute!" a Female with Blue Curls squeeked "I cant wait to get started, Okay My names krystalia, This is Lyla and This is Floyd". The one Called Lyla Lifted up a strand of my hair with her Pink Colored Hand "Oh Her hairs just so silky! It'll be so cute if we tied it up in a bow!" The car Stoped and the Preps Brought me into a Room and Told me to remove my clothes and Wear a Silky Blue Robe with the number 11 on the back of it. Thank god I dont have to be waxed and shaved like all the older kids I thought greatfully. I watched Floyd Paint my Nails a Natural Shade and shape them with a nail File. When I looked in the Mirror I looked so Natural but beautiful. "Your Whats Called Beauty Base zero Now" Floyd said in his Deep attractive voice. I done a twirl and they went mad "Your so Cute I could just take you away and Hide you in my suitcase!" Krystalia shriked "Time to meet Viola your Stylist!" They broughty me into a room with a Sign saying 'Dining Room District 11 Girl' I sat down and waited, Almost Immideataly A young woman came in and smiled at me. "Hello Rue, My Name is Viola I'm your Stylist."

Thanks for reading, I'll be posting almost every night, i know not many people read this so thank you people who do! :)


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