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Loves Me, Loves Me Not ~Prologue~ I pulled off my grey hoodie

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

I pulled off my grey hoodie and looked at it longigly.
A small part of me just wanted to put it back on and sit in front of my TV, watching reruns of old shows and eating BBQ chips.
But my outgoing personality just couldn't let that happen. Besides, I really had no choice.
I sighed and looked in the mirror. Fixing this mess could take hours, if not days. Unfortunately, I didn't have that much time.
I took a quick shower and blow dried my long, dead straight auburn hair, which I then braided it down my back. Even in a braid, it reached down to my hips.
Looking through my closet, I found a dress that I haven't worn before and slipped it on with a pair of white Toms. 
Twirling around, I looked in the mirror. I had to admit, I looked kind of pretty.
The dress was tight at the waste and accentuated my thin body. It was a very light pink in colour and was fully lace, reaching down to my knees. 
I untied my hair and the curls from the brade circled my oval face and made my light blue eyes stand out.
"Lynn! You're gonna be late," My mom yelled from downstairs.
"I'm almost done!" I replied and quickly did my makeup.

I ran downstairs, grabbed my white purse and told my mom I was leaving. She nodded and told me to be back my midnight. I promised her I would. 
Closing the front door behind me, I grabbed my white blackberry out of my purse and texted my friend.
"I'm out. Can't wait!"
I was gonna meet my best friend's Sasha's new friends. I've heard a lot about them and they sounded kind of..well.. dangerous.
From what Sasha told me, they spray painted walls and drank at night. It was a cool way. 
I ran down the street to meet them. Sasha was standing with a bunch girls and guys, wearing tight clothes. They all had tattoos and piercings. 
I looked down at my lace dress and blushed. I felt so out of place. 
"Hey Katelynn!" Sasha screamed and ran to me to give me a hug. I hugged her back. 
She introduced her friends, but I wasn't listening. My attention was turned to one of her friends. 
According to Sasha, his name was Nick. 
He had blond hair and green eyes. His shirt reaveled his big muscles.
I felt butterflies fly around in my stomach. 
I smiled at him and he smiled back. 
Just from the looks of him, I knew he was special.

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Ggkgriff 9 years ago
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Katniss with the braid and a shade of pink Dress...
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ICONiac 9 years ago
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Nice story so far :)
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pandagurlie 9 years ago
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dats amazinggg :) i wanna be notified!!!! :D
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SwagOnPoint 9 years ago
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Its wicked, keep up the great work and notify me through the whole chapter?
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