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Dance For love Chapter 3 Janelle’s POV “So what are

Dance For love
Chapter 3
Janelle’s POV
“So what are all your schedules?” I asked as soon as Kaili got to our room.
“Well I have jazz 1st, then science, contemporary, free period, lunch, English, hip hop, lyrical, history, then math last,” Aria exclaimed.
“Oh good!” Kaili said, “I have history, science, acro, free period, lunch, English, lyrical, jazz, math, and then hip hop.”
“Well I have history, jazz, acro, free period, lunch, lyrical, math contemporary, science, and English last.” I told the girls. “So what about you Payton?”
“Oh I have jazz, history, contemporary, free period, lunch, lyrical, science, acro, English, and then math.”
“So we all have free period together! Yay!” Aria shouted.
Just then there was a knock at the door. “Come in!” I said. The door opened and in came Ms. Sword.
“Hey girls, I just wanted to let you know that the competition team meeting starts in 30 minutes so get down to the assembly room at 5.” She told us and then left.
“So did all of us make it?” Janelle asked.
“Yeah!” I screamed.  “And I bet we are all A team, too.”
*At The Meeting*
“So ladies,” Ms. Karry said pointing to the covered pictures on the mirror, “The B team. On the bottom row is Andrew, Hannah, and Nicole. Second row, Dante and Liam. And on top of B team is Brendon. Now for the A team. Bottom row is Dylan, Payton, and Janelle. Second row is Jaxon and Aria. And on top, the best dancer is the academy right now, is Kaili.”
I was sad I was on the bottom, but I was so happy for Kaili. We all ran to hug her.
“Hold on girls, we have a couple people trying to get on the teams and any of you are at risk. The new comers are Maybelle and Jason. That’s all we needed to discuss here. Practices for A team are from 7 til 9 every night and B team is from 4 till 6. We will discuss assignments at practices tomorrow.”
*At Practice*
“Okay, so the assignments. Kaili since your on top you will have a hip hop solo, a lyrical duet with a B team member, and be featured in the group. Aria and Jaxon you will have a jazz duet and be in the group. The rest are in the group. We will be going to a competition in 2 weeks. So lets get started. Start leading stretches Kaili.”

If you’re reading, feedback would be amazing! So I’m gonna post a chapter a day sometimes I’ll get to post more but not always. And I know its still boring but whatever.
Thanks Lovelies<3

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