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NightLock Chapter 6 Tyler's p.o.v "I still don't


Chapter 6
Tyler's p.o.v
"I still don't know your name..." was what she said, she risked a lot to save me and I never told her my name! I slowly sat up in her bed underneath the hand sewn blanket with wolves embroidered all over it. "I-I'm Tyler, you saved my twin brother John and my little sister Jasmine..." I quietly said as I stood up and stretched. She smiled and said, "I'm Star...hurry up and get dressed so I can take y'all into town so you can have new clothes." I nodded and went into the bathroom to shower.

Star's p.o.v
Tyler went and got in the shower so I quickly ran downstairs to answer the phone when the shrill ring of the house phone echoed upstairs to my second story bedroom. I pick the phone up and said, "Hello?" My brother Cody's voice came across the line saying "Starsong, we'll be home tomorrow make sure you're chores are done and we'll all go out to eat at you're favorite Mexican restraunt in the city." I smiled thinking to myself, "Their way of apologizing for leavin' me here for 2 weeks." I then said, "Umm, bubba, we might have three more coming with us, I was running and saved a wolf vampire hybrid and they've had no place to star so they've been here with me. I hope that's ok with you and Dev."
"Yea, Star, that's fine me and Devan can handle three more teen biggie."
"Umm Co, it's only one girl the other two are guys......"
"What???!!!!! You've been alone at the house with two guys!!!!!"
"Calm down, Co, see you tomorrow bye."
With that I hung up the phone and put it back in the cradle and went into the kitchen as Tyler, John, and Jasmine all walked down the stairs. "What was all the yelling?" Tyler asked as I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. "Don't worry about it just Cody's reaction to finding out that there have been two guys here and no adults here..." Tylr and John laughed softly and Jasmine just rolled her eyes. "Well y'all ready?" I asked grabbong the keys to my 1998 red Chevy that I kept backed in the trees near the house.
They nodded and I walked outside.

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