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Perfectly Flawed. Chapter 2 “S-Sean! Hey!” I open

Perfectly Flawed.

Chapter 2

“S-Sean! Hey!” I open the door wider to let Sean in. His electric blue eyes pierce through me and I quickly turn away. “Um, the party’s outside, you’re a little early but people should be arriving soon…” My hands feel clammy. Stop it, I tell myself.
Sean nods and heads towards the deck. I’m about to follow him when the doorbell rings again. I hear the grandfather clock chime six times as I open the door again. A steady flow of people enter, chattering and rushing to my backyard. Some of the people I recognize and I quickly cross them off the guest list, but most people are just blurry figures passing by me. I sigh and, giving up with the list, open the garage door and toss it into the recycling bin.
About fifteen minutes later, most of the partygoers have arrived. Relieved I finally get to relax, I step into the muggy summer air and flop onto the swinging chair near the crowded pool. I kick off my shoes, close my eyes, and try to drown out the noise of people shouting and music blasting. It’s a wonder why the neighbor’s haven’t called the cops yet. Probably because they’re all here, I think. I have an awful headache and I’m about to go back inside and find some aspirin when I feel someone sit next to me. I open one eye and see Sean sitting next to me with two cups of punch in his hands. He holds one out to me. I immediately straighten up and accept his offer.
“Tough night?” he asks, the water reflecting his blue eyes and casting an eerie shadow on his face.
I shrug, moistening my lips and chewing on the inside of my cheek like I do whenever I get nervous. “It’s just, with the party preparations and all… and I have a dance competition in a few days, so my teacher’s really pushing us,” I explain in what I hope is an even tone.
Sean looks out at the mass of people crowding the entire back of my house. “Well you sure do know how to throw a good party.” Do I detect sarcasm in his voice?
I just laugh, a little too loudly. “Seriously, it’s like the whole state of Georgia is packed into your backyard,” he announces.
“Yeah, I don’t even know half of these people!” I take a sip of the punch and wince. I sniffed the liquid to confirm my suspicions. Somebody managed to spike the drink stand. I stand up. “I uh, have to go dump this punch. I really don’t want to be cleaning up vomit tonight,” I explain with a sigh.
Sean nods. “Okay. Hey, um, if you need any help cleaning up afterwards, I can stay until like 2:30.”
“Oh, really? Thanks, I could really use the help,” I reply with a grateful smile before rushing to sort out the drinks puzzle.
It is almost one when the last stragglers finally leave my house. Sean is busy picking up soda cans and the occasional beer cans while I put away the pool accessories and try to fish all of the garbage out of the pool. I step into my room to grab a hair tie and almost miss the couple getting some third base action on my bed.
“Excuse me,” I say, standing in the doorway and wrinkling my nose in disgust. They don’t look up. “The party’s over,” I almost shout. They break apart. “Ashley! On my bed? Really?” her face turns red and I can tell she’s drunk. “Wait, let me make you coffee before you go home. Your parents are going to kill you,” The guy with Ashley—a college kid, from the looks of it—slips past me and down the stairs, grabbing his shirt from the night table. I sigh. I glance at the alarm clock by my bed. 1:49. My parents should be back from their surgeon’s convention in Texas in half an hour. I hope their flight gets in late. The entire house is still a disaster area.
Ashley stumbles downstairs after me and chugs the steaming mug of black coffee I place in front of her without question. I shake my head as she rushes into the bathroom to vomit. Sean walks inside with two full bags of garbage just as Ashley sits back down, looking a little more alert.
“Thanks for helping, Sean,” I say, taking the bags from his hands. “I have to walk Ash home though. Is everything out there back in order?”
“Yeah. And I can take Ashley home, she lives a few doors down from me.” Sean’s eyes linger on the visible rings under my eyes.
“Are you sure?” I am reluctant at first, in case Ashley’s parents catch her I want to have her back.
Sean shrugs. “No big deal. Come on, Ashley.” I walk them to the door and wave as Sean and Ashley get into Sean’s brother, Caleb’s car— I didn’t realize he had come, how long was he sitting there?
The second I close the door, fatigue sets in and I slump against the sturdy door. The party was a success, I suppose, but I’m not sure if it’s worth all of this effort.
I slowly climb up the narrow staircase and exhaustedly step into my old lacrosse shirt and favorite Victoria’s Secret pajama shorts. I slip into bed, turn out the ceiling light, and close my eyes, but darkness can’t conceal the electric blue eyes that pierce my thoughts.

Okay, a little boring, but i've got major writer's block and i'm trying to do the work anyway. i had this chapter already written, along with another version of chapter 1 and those were like terrible so hopefully these are at least slightly better. I SWEAR ill try harder on the next few chapters. dont give upp on me(: haha
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