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Gays have every right to be here. I just thought I would point

Gays have every right to be here.
I just thought I would point that out.
Now if you're a homophobe and you want to unfollow me, block me, or comment on here about how Jesus or God or whatever the hell you believe in says it's wrong, GO AHEAD. Gays put up with it every damn day. I can put up with it as well. Because I feel that if you think gays, lesbians, bisexuals, or transgenders are wrong, then you should go ahead and do nothing but read your Bible and sit in your room because I don't want to have to deal with you and your hate towards anybody who has the balls to be themselves.


MaryDaSwagMasta 9 years ago
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Some girl was saying "The fact of the matter is, if your gay, god hates you and your going to hell. Its just wrong." I was laughing so damn hard.
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jesusismylovexox 9 years ago
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hey so I'm a Christian and no I don't take any offense to this cause the Christians who claim that gays and lesbians are going to hell just because of their sexuality, they're just hypocrites. I just got home from a mission trip and one of the questions is can homosexual people get into heaven? and the pastor said "well, is murder a sin? how about adultery? stealing? coveting. lying?" to which all the answers were yes. well, God still let those people into heaven right? i mean even the robber on the cross got to go to heaven after an entire life of rapery and thiefery. the only way not to get to heaven, really, is to not believe in Jesus or God.. but i'm not trying to start anything.. basically what i just said was yeah they can get into heaven, just like every other sinner can when they have faith. so basically you're right, even though it was kinda b/tchy how you said it ;P but still :)
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WonderfulLove 9 years ago
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Earlier some girl tried telling me that homosexuals are being controlled by the devil. It was so fuucking hilarious.
But you go < 3
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