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toes in the sand. *chapter one* I breeathed in the fresh air,


toes in the sand.

 *chapter one*


I breeathed in the fresh air, I could smell the ocean, I didn't even realize the smile that had apeared on my face. I looked over at Angela who was sitting next to me, I wiggled my eyebrows at her and we bursted out laughing. Sammy who was sitting in the passanger seat looked back at us. Angela and I wiggled our eyebrows at her and she started laughing too. "What are you girls doing thats so funny?" Angelas mom asked looking at us in her rearveiw mirror. "Nothing" we all said at once and bursted out laughing again.

We turned down the road where Angela's beach house and a few others were. The seat belts flew off and we were bouncing up and down, we pulled up to Angela's beach house, we were all out of the truck before it was turned off. We ran to the bed and grabbed our luggage and were inside in a matter of seconds.

It was a small beach house, like a summer cottage, it had a log cabin look to it but decorated with light houses and sea shells and other things that made it look like it belonged at the ocean. 


author's note:
I know its not much, just a little something to get me going. I have a lot in mind for this story, and I hope you enjoy it. Like? Comment? Feedback would be great! Let me know if you want to be notified .



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Can I be notified the whole story too?
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please notify me throughout the whole story.
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