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Valerie♥ Chapter Four- Valerie was carrying ten different


Chapter Four- Valerie was carrying ten different style choices for the boys. She tripped and dropped all the designs. She couldn't stop thinking about the fact that Harry Styles's number is in her phone. She was also exausted given that after her night walk, she really didn't sleep at all. Everytime she thought about texting him, she chickened out. She collected the designs and kept walking. That night Harry and Niall were doing a twitcam. She was watching it on her laptop, when she picked up her phone, and texted harry. "Heyyy wanna hang out tonight?" She was suprised because this time she sent it. She watched Harry get the text. She was curious about what he would do. He imediately got up and told niall he was going to take a shower. She watched him leave, and niall kept talking to the fans. She found herself accually dissapointed that he didn't reply. She heard a knock on the door. she went over to find her prince on the other side.

Thanks for reading!!!!!! i luv you!!!


samjam 1 decade ago
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Can you tell me when the next chapter is up please and thank you its really good already!!!!:)
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ClatoTheStoryThatWasNeverTold 1 decade ago
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sillyspiders29 1 decade ago
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I like it! I think it is really good! Notify? Thanks! xx
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