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Sometimes I feel like I don't want to meet One Direction. Because

Sometimes I feel like I don't want to meet One Direction. Because in my head, I've come up with a story that one of them will fall in love with me. But in reality, I'll just be another obsessed fan. I feel like I'm not pretty enough to see them, that I'll cry and embarrass myself because I'll be so overwhelmed. But I just hope they realize how much they changed my life. How many times I've cried with joy, argued with haters, been told to 'shut up' for talking about them too much. How many hours I've spent sitting on the computer, searching Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook. The friends I've made from talking to directioners all over the world. I hope they realize how much happiness they have brought me. They have helped me through more than I can say. And I love them with all my heart.
I hope they see that...


invisabledinosaurs 1 decade ago
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This is exactly. How I feel
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AnaCastro196 1 decade ago
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Someone sent this to Niall on twitter and he read it
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rosemcwheel 1 decade ago
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i feel the same, and I looked at your profile picture, you are beautifuyl so you don't have to worry about that ;)
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inu_is_my_hanyou_hero 1 decade ago
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Ugh. This is like me.
Except with Tom Hiddleston.
Especially because I'm so much younger than him. But I've truly followed his entire career since I first saw him as Loki. I've gone back and seen/listened to everything he's done. But it doesn't even matter how much I admire him because I'll always be some stupid fangirl to him... It sucks.
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Emacy 1 decade ago
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Mate, calm down. There are bigger problems out there ;)
But Yes, I can understand where you're coming from
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