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R e m e m b e r M e . **Chapter 9** I wake up in the morning

R e m e m b e r  M e .
**Chapter 9**
I wake up in the morning and head off to school. The school day seemed to last forever. I’m now home and I have to start getting ready for Henry’s party. I take a shower and blow-dry my hair. My hair is simply natural in soft waves and I did my eye makeup a smoky blue. I put on my black ripped jeans that have fish net in the holes. I put on my cropped pin-up top with floral designs and covered over with a leather jacket. What Evan doesn’t know is that I used to be a ‘good girl’ but living in New York I was the ‘bad girl’ of the school. Evan had changed me. And it’s time for that ‘bad girl’ attitude and look to come back out and in my home town. I paired my outfit with some sexy black lace up heels. I looked good. It was almost time for Evan to get here. He told me today at school that he was bringing the motorcycle. Evan must have gotten here early because I hear him talking to my parents downstairs. I can hear them talking about how Evan used to be my boyfriend in 8th grade and they thought he was such a nice boy. Ha! They don’t know about him cheating on me. Then my dad was recognizing that Evan was motorcycle man. My mom was saying that he grew into such a good young man. Parents. I walk downstairs. Evan’s mouth dropped when he saw me… he was practically drooling. My dad’s mouth dropped, well, because I’m his ‘little innocent girl’. “Ready to go?” I ask. “Yeah” Evan says while picking up his jaw. On the weekends I don’t have a curfew because I’m a ‘good little girl’. Ha! I jump onto the back of Evan’s motorcycle. “You look great, like really great” Evan says. “Yeah, I know. I’m not the good girl you fell for in 8th grade, Evan. I’ve changed” I say. “I’m okay with that” He says as the engine roars and we zoom off down the road and head towards Henry’s house. We get there and Evan parks his motorcycle. Evan helps me off and holds my hand as we walk to the backyard. When Henry and Ashley see us holding hands walking in they both look at each other, smirk, and look thrilled. Immediately Henry walks up to us and hands us each a drink. It’s beer. Evan goes to take mine away from me thinking I wasn’t into drinking, but he noticed I had already started to chug half of the cup full down. He looks shocked. “I told you I have changed” I smirk and walk towards Ashley. “D/mn girl, you look good!” She says eying my outfit. “I know right?” I agree. “So, are you and Evan back together?” “I guess that’s the million dollar question… not yet” I reply. “Yet?” she hints at my word play. I glance over towards Evan and he smiles at me. I smile back and look back towards Ashley. “Yeah, yet” I say still smiling.

Sadie’s Outfit:
***So how do you like Sadie’s real self? Bad girl or good girl attitude? Still want Jack and Sadie or do you guys like Evan? Please don’t ask to be notified, I no longer do them! Sorry. Fave if you’re reading, Thanks! –lamusicaesmivida***


Cinnamon 9 years ago
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bad girl and evan
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good girl. and Jack. i love this chapter, it's great
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