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R e m e m b e r M e . **Chapter 10** By the end of the night

R e m e m b e r  M e .
**Chapter 10**
By the end of the night I was pretty drunk. I staggered a bit, but I still knew what was going on around me. Evan was kind of drunk too. Too drunk to drive a motorcycle. Henry said that me, Evan, and Ashley can all spend the night since his parents weren’t coming back till Monday. I texted my mother, I didn’t want to call her because then she would know I was drunk. I took my time to text her so everything looked normal and perfect. I sent her: ‘Hey mom, I am spending the night at Ashley’s house tonight and will come home tomorrow around noon. Thanks mom, love you! :)’. She’ll buy it. Well, she did because she said: ‘Okay sweetie, have fun!’. Parents. The party scene cleared out and us four headed indoors. Ashley and Henry are sleeping in Henry’s bed which left Evan and I in the guest room, together. I kicked my shoes off and contemplated stripping down to underwear to sleep, when I turn around and see Evan already in just his boxers and hopping under the covers. I decide to, so I took off my jacket, shirt, and jeans. But, I grabbed Evan’s shirt off the floor and threw it on over my under-garments. He watched me. I then walked over on the other side of the bed and lifted the covers up and slid my body in. I turned to lie on my side to face the wall and immediately felt Evan move his body and inch closer. He was now spooning me and I felt him wrap his arms gently around my body. He started kissing my neck until I turned my head back to look at him. Then, we started kissing. But, that was all… just kissing. I turned my head back towards the wall and Evan kissed my cheek and whispered goodnight to me. I spent the whole night in his arms and it was so innocent and sweet. I couldn’t help but start to fall for Evan again and I didn’t want to stop.
I woke up to the sun rays beaming through the window. Evan was already awake and sitting at the end of the bed with his head in his hands rubbing his eyes to wake up. Ashley and Henry, wide awake, walk into the room to find Evan and me both in underwear and me wearing Evan’s tee-shirt and they look quite suspicious. “Uh, Sadie, can I talk to you… out here… alone” Ashley asks looking concerned. “Sure” I reply in my sleep voice. I walk out into the hall while Henry walks over towards Evan throwing his pants at him to put on. Ashley grabs my arm and drags me into Henry’s room. We sit down on the end of his bed. “What did you and Evan do last night?” Ashley interrogates. “Nothing. Slept. Kissed. Nothing else” I speak briefly still waking up. “Are you positive” She asks eying me. “One-hundred percent” I promise her. That’s when Evan and Henry walk in. “Uh, Sadie, can I have my shirt back?” Evan chuckles. “Um, yeah, hold on” I tell him. I run back to the guest room and take his shirt off and put my own clothes back on. “Here” I say as I hand Evan the shirt. “Thanks” he winks. It was already almost noon. “Let me drop you off” Evan says. “No, you cant… I told my parents that I was sleeping at Ashley’s house” I remember. “Okay, then I will get ready to bring you home then” Ashley sighs. “Sorry” I tell her. “Alright, well I want to talk to you first” Evan says as he grabs my hand and walks me downstairs and outside. “What?” I ask worried. “Sadie, look…” He says. Well that cant be good. “…I still love you. Always have, always will…” he continues. Maybe this isn’t as bad as I thought, I grin. “…And I cant stand knowing or seeing you with other guys, because I want you to be mine and only mine” Well he isn’t going to propose, right? “Will you be in an exclusive relationship with me?” He asks. My mouth drops.

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