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The Fighter Chapter 7 part one "Arr you hom?" He asked.

The Fighter
Chapter 7
part one

"Arr you hom?" He asked.

"What?" He was coming in bad, i couldn't understand him.

"Im coming oer" He kept talking.

I hung up, it was hopeless trying to understand him. And why was he even calling me! UHH. whatever. I flopped back on my bed, throwing my phone across my room. I was downstairs in "Camerons room". We were in the middle of trading rooms and the only thing left of mine in his room was my dresser. I had been sleeping upstairs the last few days, trying to get away from my family. But right now i was downstairs. I layed on my bed wondering why he'd called me. I didnt wonder for long. I heard someone pull up my driveway, and ran to the front door to see. It was him. Here! At my house. What.The.H ell.

I opened the front door and stood there, looking at him get out of his truck. It was the first time i'd seen him since we'd broken up. I would always look away when i had to walk by him in school. Why me? He was walking towards me, and i just stood there. I had to be dreaming. WAKE UP KAT. I didnt, this was really happening. He had made it up the stairs and was standing next to me.

"Hey.." He sighed.

"What're you doing here?" I asked him sternly.

"Here to see you.."

My brain was going crazy.

"Wanna see where we buried Koko?" I asked stupidly. It was the only way i could stall this, whatever this was. I knew it was going to be bad. How could it be good?

We walked up to the meadow and stood by the grave.

"Cameron was crying.. It was sad..." I managed to say.

"I bet.." He said awkwardly. "Kat, can we talk?"

"Um, yeah.." I headed back towards the house, he followed.

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