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In the kitchen about to get oreos an milk. Also on my period

In the kitchen about to get oreos an milk.
Also on my period just my luck! Just happened:
Me: *Getting out a glass, sets it down by new pack of oreos*
Me: God, I don't want to have school tomorrow.
Me: I have no friends... Nobody likes me!
Me: I can't wait to eat these oreos nummy..
Me: *Pours milk* I should only have one..but why am I getting milk?
Me: Because I'ma fatty all I do is eat! 
Me: This is why nobody wants to be my friend. 
Me: I have flab..
Me: So up to my room I go!
Me: Wait. the milk is up to far to the edge.
Me: *Brings glass up to my lips*
Brother: *Comes out of nowhere and bumps sisters arm*
Me: Nooo my milk!!! Cece!!!!!!!
Me: *Milk spills everywhere goes and follows brother to paper towels*
Brother: *Grins an hands paper towels* (A whole butt load)
Me: *Was angry now laughing at brother's face*
Me: This will make a good quote. 
Me: Upstairs I go.
Me: *Takes my milk an oreos*

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