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My definition Of Perfect Chapter 21: "What's wrong?"

          My definition Of Perfect               
Chapter 21:

"What's wrong?" Austin asked. 

"Nothing..." I crossed my arms, and stared out at the mountains.

"Well then why are you acting like this?" He questioned.

"Why did you play me this whole time?" I fought back the tears as I looked away from him.

"What do you mean?" He nearly jumped out of his seat, I can't believe he acted like he didn't know what I was talking about.

"I heard you! I felt bad for leaving you last night, so I went down to the movie room, and I over heard you talking to your brother about how you didn't like me." All of my anger that had built up in me started to erupt out. "And that really hurt me Austin, because I really liked you." I felt a tear stream down cheek.

"You did? Jess... I..." He stuttered. I burried my face in my hands, and started to cry. I felt his fingers grab a hold of my chin, and pull my face close to his. I wanted to fight his touch, but I couldn't. 

Suddenly I felt a hand graze my shoulder, and it was Austin's mom.

"Are you okay hun?" She noticed us fighting.

"It's nothing." I got up, and walked away. I could hear his mom yelling at him as I stormed to my car. I was still really angry with him, but a little part of me wanted him to chase after me again...



[deleted] 8 years ago
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MichelleKatherinex17 8 years ago
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your killing me. i actually really like this! bsabhdbhdbsfuds
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UsuallytheArts 8 years ago
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This just keeps getting better and bette! Loving the whole thing.
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