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Format credit: Sandrasaurus A Different Kind of Friendship- Chapter

Format credit: Sandrasaurus

A Different Kind of Friendship- Chapter 4

(A One Direction Fanfic)

I wasn't going to give the satisfaction of kissing Harry to the guys, without making it interesting anyway. I slowly crawled my way over to Harry and leaned over him. "Hi." I whispered. "Hi." he whispered back, us both smiling. I ran one of my hands through his curly hair and I slowly traveled my lips from this forehead to his chin, making sure he had felt my hot breath along his shaky skin, keeping our eyes locked the whole time. I reached his lips and started to them, but then took a quick turn and kissed his check, but a little closer to his lips than I should have put my own. I quickly crawled back to where I was sitting and plopped down. I looked and got all eyes on me, and some dropped jaws. I let out a small giggle and got up. "I'm going to get another drink." and I walked back to the kichen. I started mix a drink when I heard footsteps enter the room. I turned to see Harry standing in front of me, a little too close. "Personal space?" I asked, not moving. "Nah, I'm good." He replied, him not moving either. "Truth or Dare?" I asked, the corners of my eyes curling up into a smile. "Deffinatly truth." he replied. "What if I said that I wanted to kiss you before?" I asked, moving closer to him. "I wouldn't have stopped you." he reponded and leaned in. I leaned in too and our lips were just about to touch, when he stopped and whispered, "Lace, you're still my best friend.". "We wouldn't be doing this if we wouldn't still be best friends after." I whispered back and kissed him. It was a soft kiss, but enough to shoot out firworks and to get butterflies from my neck to toes. After we both pulled back, Harry said, "You felt those sparks, right?". "Harry, those weren't sparks, those were full out, fourth of july firworks." I replied and we both laughed. "Come here." I said as I waved my finger, telling him to come over to me. He walked over and put his hands on my hips. I didn't say anything, I just looked at him, this was the first time Harry had me so nervous and anxiuos, I was didn't know what to say, and I never got stumped. Even if I could speak, I wouldn't know how to say how I felt right then. "Lace, what are you thinking about?" he asked, leaning in towards my neck to make it a whisper. "You." I respnded, so quiet I could barely hear. Harry lifted my chin and kissed me. This time it was a real kiss, a kiss a girl gets when the guy whi gave it wants her, and when a girl gets a kiss like that, she'd be crazy not to take him. 

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Format by Sandrasaurus


heaven_is_here 1 decade ago
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Keep going, I'm really enjoying this- update me please.
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UsuallytheArts 1 decade ago
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keep going! I am loving this story :)
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