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One in a Million *Chapter Ninety-Eight* Amber's POV: When

One in a Million

*Chapter Ninety-Eight*
Amber's POV:

    When we got home from dinner, I got into the shower and changed into my pajamas. Liam and I settled into bed and relaxed. Niall had decided to stay at Harry's flat for the night with the rest of the boys; Lilli begged to go with him as well, and I couldn't say no to her.
    "So when's your doctors appointment?"
    "Next Thursday at noon; I had to make it before I went to work. You're coming, right?" I held his hand under the covers, squeezing it tighter so he knew I wanted him there.
    "Every step of the way, Babe." He kissed my forehead and I smiled. I loved the way he supported me with everything I did and wanted to do. The rest of the night, we stayed up and talked about baby names. We were settled on middle names, but just couldn't pick first names. If the baby was a boy, his middle name was going to be Ryan after my uncle. If it was a girl, her middle name would be Lynne, just like my Mom's middle name.
    "Well, I think Ellie Lynne Payne has a beautiful ring to it, don't you think?" He smiled down at me as he craddled my body in his arms; that was my most favorite place to be.
    "Yeah, I like that name." I looked down at my stomach and started to talk to my baby. "What about you? Do you like the name Ellie?"
    "I'm sure he or she will like the name we give it no matter what." He leaned down and kissed my stomach; I ran my fingers through his hair with my eyes shut, trying to take in this perfect moment.
    The next morning, I woke up at nine and got dressed for work. Liam had helped me open up my own dance studio right before we got married. It wasn't real far from the flat and it was perfect for me. I wasn't sure when or if I was going to tell my close friends at the studio about the baby; I was probably going to wait.
     I slipped on my shorts and my grey tee shirt; being a dance teacher is so amazing. I had sweatpants and a jacket sitting on the sofa to pull on before I left the flat. I packed my dance bag with my foot Undeez, knee pads, and a water bottle. After lacing up my black and pink sneakers, I wrote Liam a note reminding him to get Lilli ready for her dance class at four o'clock. 
    After scraping the snow and ice off of my car, I pulled out of the driveway and headed off to work. When I got there, it was about eleven and none of my co-workers were there. They were like my family and I loved them to death; I finally had some girlfriends to hang out with here. I unlocked the doors and went inside, turning on all the lights.
    After a few minutes, I heard Ali pull up. Ali was a great friend of mine; she taught contemporary with me and all the older girls. We even taught the college girls together. "Hey there, boss!" She chirpped at me as she came through the doors.
     "Hey, Ali! Ready for class?" We walked into the studio in the front and started to warm up to some music. Ali was one of my closest friends; all of the girls at the studio were, even some of the Moms. "So I was thinking we all need to have a girls night. You in?" We sat in a butterfly position on the floor.
    "Of course I am! That sounds like fun! We'll have to talk about it with the other girls before we close tonight!" Our class started at noon and went on until two. We had two hours to go out to lunch and by the time we came back, everybody was there; this is how my normal day went.
    "Hey Amber! Hey Ali!" Bri, Grace, and Gill greeted us as we came back from lunch. Bri was my teacher for the younger girls that signed up to dance here; she even taught my daughter's class. Grace and Gill worked in my office and handled the phone calls and payments for me; without them, I'd be screwed.
    Ali and I taught most of the contemporary and jazz classes, and if we needed someone to sub for us, Bri would gladly take over. Ali also taught the tap classes for me, while I taugth hip hop. We had a perfect little studio and amazing dancers. We were a big family, and I liked that a lot.

Thanks for reading, Loves! Yay, I started to introduce the new characters! What do you guys think? I still need your feedback about the baby too! Boy or Girl? :)xx

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jessx1223xgal 7 years ago
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Okay, so who see's 21 faves on this AMAZING story? I sure do. Amber just so happens to be my best friend, no, my sister. If you don't like it, simply don't read it. I can guarantee 21 of the people who faved this will beg to differ.
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Hiya_Dollsx3 7 years ago
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Amber, not being rude, but I think this chapter was boring c;
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xXxalixassaultxXx 7 years ago
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i love this ali character :)
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brispiin* 7 years ago
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ahh i love it! <3
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