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Inside A Guy's Mind #3 (Part 1/2) When We Tell You We Are

 Inside A Guy's Mind
(Part 1/2)

When We Tell You We Are Playing A Game, It Means We Care About You. Cause We Can Just Not Text Back and Let You Worry and Wonder "Did I Say Something Wrong?".
Psst, Hey You! Yeah You! Do You Think I Should I Do A Series?(:

Format Credit: WITTYWITCH
(Seriously, Check Out Her Formats)


Kailey‚ô•* 7 years ago
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My best guy friend has done this before ^-^ he'd be like playing the Wii or some computer game and pause it to text me back.
Do a series please! <3
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smallvictoria1 7 years ago
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Awh,.. thats really cuute <3 [:
Do a series! I would appriciate it, along with like... the ten bagillion other girls on here :p <3
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kylaz323 7 years ago
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