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Awkward conversation with a stranger on chat: Me: O.o Me: What's

Awkward conversation
with a stranger on chat:

Me:  O.o
Me:  What's with your name?
stranger:  Haaaaaiii(;
Stranger:  Lol its a novelty name
Me:  Hi.. Oh lol
Stranger:  Yeah
Me:  Okay..
Stranger:  Its a joke
Me:  Hi
Me:  again
Stranger:  Hey
Me:  waz up!!!
Stranger:  xD
Me:  Lol so...
Stranger:  You likes my sexual beard?
Me:  O_o
Stranger :  YOU LIKES IT?
Me: Hey, can I make this a quote?
Me:  are conversation
Stranger:  Go ahead xD
Me: ok
True story.

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